Q. Do I need a reservation?

A. Yes, our mission is to care for Rosie and Opal and use them as a springboard to educate visitors about elephants and conservation. To provide the best possible environment for our elephants and the most meaningful educational experience for our human guests, we ask that you make a reservation. 


Q. Can I take pictures?

A. Yes!  We encourage you to take photos during the presentation and share them with everyone you know.


Q. Where are my donations going?

A. Hope Elephants is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and funding for our facility, educational programming, and care of Rosie and Opal is entirely from donations and money spent at our facility. Donations to Hope Elephants are tax deductible to the greatest extent permissible by law.


Q. How long is the presentation?

A. Our educational presentation is approximately 45 minutes long.


Q. What is the presentation about?

A. Our focus is on helping our elephants live out their lives in greater comfort and educating the public, especially children, about broader conservation issues. The presentation focuses on our facility, elephant physiology, ecology, wildlife conservation, and habitat destruction. Questions are encouraged and as there is more information than can be covered in 45 minutes, the talk is never the same twice!


Q. Will we be outside?

A. Excluding severe cold weather or heavy rain our talks take place outside. There is a non waterproof covering on our viewing area to provide shade, but please dress appropriately for the weather. If there is a light rain (without thunder) we will most likely be outside because our elephants enjoy a light drizzle.  


Q. Will I be able to touch/feed the elephants?

A. For the comfort and safety of our elephants (and visitors), Hope Elephants does not allow any physical contact between our elephants and the public. However, you still will be much closer to Rosie and Opal than you would get at many other facilities!


Q. Do the elephants perform tricks?

A. Our elephants do not perform tricks, during the talks they go through their physical therapy exercises, receive medications, and eat lots of treats. Their participation in a talk is completely voluntary and based on positive reinforcement. Because of this, there is a chance that one or both of the elephants may choose to nap or forage during your visit. 


Q. Is Hope Elephants handicap accessible?

A. Yes, Hope Elephants is handicap accessible though there is a dirt/gravel ramp at the entrance threshold.


Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. Guide dogs are welcome for outside talks but can not enter the barn. Please leave pets at home.


Q. Where is your store in Camden?

A. We have a storefront at 29 Elm Street in Camden.Monday-Friday 9am-6pm  Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm