17+ Best Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2019 Projects

rustic kitchen cabinets

Forget the all-white kitchen cabinet trend. Rustic kitchen cabinets are now the hottest trend in 2019. Leaving behind the boring, all-white interior design, vintage furniture and reclaimed wood are rising in trend this year. Rustic cabinets are perfect for various designs, from farmhouse to Bohemian. Here are 17 ideas you can copy for the next … Read more

17+ Popular Bathroom Sink Ideas and Designs in 2019

Bathroom Sink Ideas

Bathroom sink offers both aesthetic and function, so choosing the right product is important. Many bathroom sink ideas offer something more than regular white ceramic basins. The new sink trends even include natural materials or unusual designs. You can choose the one that suits your personality and interior design. Here are several options you can … Read more

17+ Best Bedroom Paint Colors to Welcome 2019

Bedroom Paint Color

Changing bedroom paint can be a fresh start to welcome 2019. Choosing one of trending bedroom paint colors will spice up your personal space. Bright colors, which are popular for kitchens, are replaced by lifestyle-inspired shades. Consumer Reports for paint ranking also informed the rising trend of nature-related colors for houses. Here are 17 colors … Read more

17 Unique Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Improve Ordinary Rooms

You don’t need to spend much on improving an ordinary bedroom. Installing the right lamp turn a regular room into unique space, and accommodate specific functions. These bedroom lighting ideas are not only unique but also in-tune with 2019 trends. Here are 17 inspirations to illuminate your room. 1.      Celestial Chandeliers Celestial chandeliers are more … Read more

17+ Industrial Interior Design Ideas to Welcome 2019

For those who like “edge” in their house interiors, industrial interior design is a perfect choice. The design provides raw charm from “unfinished” look and rich material textures. Modern industrial design has been popular in coffee shops, bookstores, studios, and private residences. There are various ways you can incorporate industrial look in your homes. Here … Read more