17+ Colorful Angelfish Tank Mates Compatible for All Types

Angelfish Tank Mates – As a lot of viewers of my articles now understand, I working from a retail family pet shop in my beloved freshwater fishes section.

There are a number of common inquiries that I anticipate to hear on a daily basis. One of these questions is “what can go with exactly what fish?”

In this area we will certainly cover Angelfish tank mates, the solution to the question of “just what can go with Angelfish” is typically rather unexpected and also the selection of fish available, not only in my shop but in any type of good fish store.

Means that the hobbyist could revive that ‘youngster in a candy store’ feeling that most of us have when equipping a brand-new storage tank or contributing to a currently developed aquarium.

A few of the angelfish tank mates below could not appear right to some readers because they have been informed information by other keepers, simply remember this is a pastime as well as there isn’t any collection rule of fish only referrals.

What could not benefit one keeper may help an additional, there are lots of different aspects to take on board like container arrangement, dimension, decoration and also dimension and age of fish.

Nonetheless I have actually tried to generate one of the most different checklist as feasible.

When acquiring new fish attempt to get roughly the very same size as what you currently have, and try to get some that will grow to a similar dimension as adults, some may need moving when entering into maturation.

Dwarf Cichlids Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish Tank Mates

Because of the selection of Dwarf Cichlids, it might be tough to select one that’s right for your tank. Some people may claim that Kribensis are ok, this is, nonetheless, a fish that I would say entirely depends on the decor of your fish tank due to the fact that a pair can obtain extremely territorial as well as hostile so I personally would suggest them, but once more some individuals have had success presenting this fish.

Double Red Agassizi

Upto 4 inches.
( Various other different Agassizi cichlids will do).
Best maintained in harems with 1 man to 3 or 4 women

Ram Cichlids

Upto 3 inches. Attractive little cichlids with lots of colorful variations, my favorite being the Golden Ram and the Electric Blue Ram. Ideal kept in groups.

Tropical Sharks

When choosing sharks to house with angelfish tank mates should be set up properly to suit them, for example, great deals of open room, an excellent length fish tank and adequate hiding room. If that’s proper then select sharks of a similar size to your existing fish.

Due to common shark behavior, it’s finest to have locations for angelfish to essentially kick back since they could obtain stressed by the irregular behavior of the shark.

Albino Shark

Upto 6 inches.
This shark is simply the albino version of the Rainbow Shark.

Silver Shark

Upto 14 inches.
Required lots of open room as well as a large tank to accommodate an adult shoal.

Black Shark

In the wild upto 18 inches.
Spends most of its time lower feeding as well as living generally on algae, likewise eliminates soft growth from plants.


Angelfish Tank Mates Barbs

When selecting Barbs, if you’re unsure, ask your regional fish shop which are peaceful barb species. Keep in mind even the small barbs can be nasty. Tiger Barbs, for example, are well-known fin nippers and also are certainly no excellent for angelfish.

Barbs could also obtain rather big, the Tinfoil Barb listed here could stand up to 18inches long as well as do finest in groups of 5 or more, so make sure you could fit adults.

Tinfoil Barb

Upto 18 inches.
They are serious plant eaters and also capable of large jumps.

Oddessa Barb

Upto 3 inches
When getting try to get a mix of sexes and also about 10 fish, you will notice them looking much healthier as well as more natural.

Gourami Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish Tank Mates Gourami

Gourami is a simple one to pick, several hobbyists pick these fish as water parameters are closer to that of Angelfish tank mates.

There isn’t really much else to state since the care for both is extremely comparable, the only thing to consider nonetheless is bare in mind the species of Angel you have as well as constantly ask in the shop you obtained them from the approximated adult dimension.

Snakeskin Gourami

Upto 10 inches.
End up being sexually fully grown at around 3-4 inches, will not also eat the tiniest of young fishes.

Dwarf Gourami

Upto 2 inches.
Loves lots of light as well as great deals of algae as well as greatly planted.

Opaline Gourami

Averaging 3 inches.
Females need to not be protected against from breeding as they are vulnerable to ovary difficulties if eggs typically aren’t released.

Bottom Dwelling Fish

Angelfish Tank Mates Bottom Dwelling Fish

This section was a simple one, most bottom dwelling varieties of fish will be safe from angelfish, it likewise suggests that you can house some decent cleaners in your fish tank.

Points like the medium to large Plecs will certainly be great as well as bottom residence catfish like Corydoras will not get troubled by angelfish, nor will certainly they trouble them.

Goldstripe Corydora

Upto 3 inches.
As with all Corydora there is hardly distinction within behaviour, bottom feeding fish needing extremely fine crushed rock or sand about not harm barbels.

Bristlenose Pleco

Upto 6 inches.
Second best to say regarding the Bristlenose, fundamental pleco, simple to look after.

Featherfin Synodontis

Upto 12 inches.
Stunning delicate looking fish yet very resistant and sturdy, there isn’t much needed to recognize to take care of them appropriately. Best kept in teams and without any various other smaller sized bottom fish.

Compatible Angelfish Tank Mates For Freshwater

Compatible Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish are among one of the most prominent species of freshwater aquarium fish. If you plan to maintain these fish, make the effort to learn more about what species can be maintained with them.

Angelfish have actually long been a preferred among fresh water aquarium hobbyists. These lovely and elegant fish have a way of capturing your attention and also making your fish tank the facility of the space.

If you hope to increase your angelfish efficiently you not just should make sure that you carry out some research so you could fulfill their standard demands, but you likewise have to make certain to provide them with a healthy storage tank environment.

Supplying your fish with a healthy storage tank atmosphere requires greater than simply equipping the tank with a filter as well as embellishing the tank effectively you likewise have to consider exactly what other fish you intend to keep in the storage tank.

Angelfish could be aggressive in some circumstances and also taken advantage of in others so it is essential that you pick very carefully when buying tank mates for your angelfish.

About Angelfish Tank Mates

These fish are famous amongst fresh water species, understood for their flat bodies and long, triangular fins. Angelfish are belonging to South The U.S.A., discovered throughout the Amazon River and in the Orinoco and also Essequibo river basins.

These fish been available in a variety of colors and also patterns, however lots of show longitudinal stripes that function as camouflage in their natural environment. Under the best problems, angelfish are not especially difficult to maintain in captivity.

They call for a warm, freshwater setting with a water temperature level around 80 ° F and also a somewhat acidic pH. Angelfish have the tendency to reproduce fairly quickly in the house aquarium, however you need to make certain to supply them with a lot of level rocks and broad-leafed plants on which they could lay their eggs.

Bear in mind that, like many fish, angelfish may consume their very own eggs so if you wish to raise the fry to maturation you will need to back them independently.

Recommended Variety

Angelfish come from the cichlid household of freshwater fishes which is the home of more than 2,000 uncovered varieties. Though lots of species in the cichlid family members are understood for their aggressiveness, angelfish are normally not very hostile.

Angelfish are a relatively serene species so they are best kept with types that have a similar temperament. The only times an angelfish is most likely to come to be aggressive is during feeding as well as breeding this is true of several types, nonetheless.

The most effective container mates for angelfish are peaceful, non-aggressive varieties which will stay in harmony with your angelfishes.

Many aquarium hobbyists that increase angelfish choose to cultivate angelfish tank mates. As a matter of fact, angelfish have the tendency to do finest when kept in teams of 5 or more of their own species.

This is definitely one option that will ensure that your angelfish do not have problem with hostile storage tank companions. Also if you do intend to maintain mainly angelfish, adding a couple of corydoras catfish or various other peaceful bottom fish would certainly not be a bad concept.

If you do intend to keep various other angelfish tank mates, nonetheless, you are unlikely to come across issues with livebearers or tranquil tetras. Even little cichlids like rams, Krib’s cichlids and also keyholes can cohabitate in harmony with angelfish.

Species to Avoid

There are two points to keep an eye out for when selecting storage tank mates for your angelfish. The very first point you should be aware of is varieties that are recognized for being hostile or semi-aggressive.

If maintained in a tank with hostile tank companions, your angelfish are most likely to come to be worried as well as they might fail to prosper.

For this reason, it is usually not suggested that you maintain angelfish with Oscars or other cichlids besides the very small species that have currently been discussed.

Various other large species could not be an excellent suitable for an angelfish tank mates either since they, too might come to be hostile.

One more point to be cautious of when choose tank companions for your storage tank is nipping behavior. Angelfish have very long, fragile fins which can quickly be harmed or torn if other fish nip at them.

A number of types of tetra, specifically serpae tetras, are recognized for their fin-nipping actions. One more species known for this type of actions is the tiger barb.

While fin-nipping behavior can often be controlled by maintaining a large sufficient school of the annoying fishes, they still should not be housed in a tank with angelfish.

You may likewise wish to prevent maintaining quick, anxious fishes like danios in the container with your angelfish due to the fact that they can induce anxiety in this serene species.

Tips for Reducing Aggression

Angelfish are normally not aggressive except in specific feeding circumstances and also throughout breeding durations. During breeding durations, it may be required to take some preventative measures to make sure consistency in your storage tank.

If you are breeding your angelfish on purpose, it would certainly be wise to set up a different breeding container as well as divide the breeding pair so they do not feel intimidated by various other fish in the tank.

Lots of varieties of fish, also those that are normally calm, could end up being very territorial throughout reproducing durations. Getting rid of prospective risks other fish-from the container could help to mitigate that actions.

An additional method to minimize hostility in your angelfish tank mates as a whole is to make certain that your tank is not jammed and that your fish have been offered with adequate hiding locations.

Some varieties of fish do not like to spend a great deal of time visible and others simply like to have a refuge to pull away to every so often. If several of your fish ends up being aggressive, it is especially crucial that the other fish in your tank have some place to conceal.

Supplying your fish with sufficient room is likewise essential when your container comes to be too crowded the water quality will certainly decrease and also your fish are likely to become stressed.

Because situation, they may start to act more hostile than they could in typical scenarios. That being said, it is important not just to avoid overstocking your storage tank yet likewise to maintain a regular upkeep routine to keep it tidy.


Angelfish are a spectacular types that can be a joy to maintain in the house aquarium. These fish can be a little difficult to maintain, nonetheless, depending exactly what other fish you have in your tank.

To make sure that your angelfish grow you have to not just provide them with the right storage tank yet likewise the right tank companions. If you do this, you will be awarded by healthy and also satisfied angelfish. What extra could an aquarium hobbyist request?

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