17 Basement Finishing Ideas to Inspire Your 2019 Home Project

Finishing a basement means creating a true extension of your house. Basement finishing ideas depend on activities you do and numbers of occupants.

Waterproofing the basement is the first step to do before finishing. Afterward, get your inspirations from these 17 finishing ideas, suitable to welcome 2019.

1.      Basement Suite Room

A basement suite offers more privacy, especially for couples with several kids. The room may consist of a master bedroom, storage space, and private bathroom. Good lighting fixtures are important to avoid a cramped atmosphere.

2.      Modern Fireplace Lounge

Basement is a perfect place to install a fireplace. The enclosed design will keep the warmth inside the room, providing comfort for the occupants. Modern fireplace with glass door is perfect for a basement. It is safe and sleeker than a bulky, traditional fireplace.

3.      Gym with Spa Tub

Installing a gym as a basement finish is common, but what if it is equipped with a spa tub? A modern gym gets an upgrade with a raised wooden platform and recessed tub. You can install a Jacuzzi function for more comfortable rest after exercise.

4.      Stylish Laundry and Storage Space

Laundry is a common function for basement finishing. You can make it more modern by applying an interesting design that suits your personality. Install floating shelves, baskets, and cabinets to add the laundry’s functions as storage space.

5.      Bar

Want to have a personal bar but not making it too obvious? Build it in the basement. Add a long table, stools, funky lightings, and a fridge full of your favorite drinks. You can imitate the design of famous bars that you like.

6.      Game Room

The game room is one of the most popular basement finishing ideas, especially in a house with kids and teens. You can install home theater set, Wi-Fi, PlayStation, Xbox, and even VR set for more immersive gaming experiences. Add shelves full of favorite board and card games for fun nights.

7.      Indoor Swimming Pool

If you have enough space and good water damage prevention, install a swimming pool in the basement. This is ideal for homeowners who want a pool without building on a yard. Layer the basement floor and walls with a waterproof coat.

8.      Home Cinema

Make your own cinema theater by using the basement. Install sofa rows with mini tables and bolsters. Use mood lighting fixtures on the side, with an automatic dim setting that reduces the light intensity when the movie starts.

9.      Home Office

Another popular finish for a basement, the home office is a commodity for modern-day workers. Home office in the basement is quieter, helping you to concentrate better on tasks at hand. The design must be encouraging for business owners, artists, or employees.

10.  Kid’s or Teen’s Bedroom

A kid or teen loves extra privacy when they are in their room. Basement is a perfect spot to build a kid’s or teen’s bedroom. You can add different corners in the room, such as for productivity, talking with friends, sleeping, and playing hard.

11.  Music Studio

Boost your musical skill with a dedicated space at home. You can install your instruments, audio sets, and modern equipment to produce musical records. Make sure to layer the basement with soundproof padding.

12.  Dining Room

The basement dining room makes mealtime more intimate. You can make it a “heaven” with your spouse, especially if kids don’t stop playing at the table upstairs. It is also great if you want to have a romantic dinner with a specific theme.

13.  Fish Tank

Love fish but don’t like installing large, heavy tank upstairs? Move them to your basement. The colorful fish can decorate your basement without efforts. You can have a “fish owner paradise” here and create a personalized design based on things you like.

14. YouTube Creator Studio

If you often upload videos to YouTube, try having a dedicated “studio” and “office” to make contents. Add at least one color of neutral background, tripod, Wi-Fi, and lamps. Keep the basement waterproof to prevent accidents.

15.  Library

Make your dream library in a basement. This finishing makes your basement more functional. You can decorate it with things that you like, such as inspirational quotes, posters or famous writers, or framed quotes from your favorite books. Add comfortable armchairs, carpet, and other fun things.

16.  Shoe and Clothing Storage

Turn your basement into a giant walking closet for clothes and shoes. If you don’t have another place upstairs, or embarrassed of showing your collections, you can keep them in the basement. Give the room a friendly finish, complete with the pets’ supplies.

17.  Art Studio

Unless your creativity by turning the basement into an art studio. You can make anything under here, such as statues, paintings, and musical compositions. Make sure the room has enough storage spaces and work stations.

These basement finishing ideas are more creative, and you can enjoy additional space at home. If you want to install something complicated, make sure to check the building specifications and noise levels.

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