17+ Beautiful Bathroom Mirror Ideas Popular in 2019

The year 2019 sees the bathroom mirror as a main decorative element. Bathroom mirror ideas have more varied options than just simple squares. Safe bathroom mirrors must be made of tempered glass, and break into small, somewhat round pieces. Here are 17 ideas to consider for your bathroom.

1.      Mirror Gallery


Making a “gallery” in a bathroom is a rising trend. People make it using small artworks, photos, and illustrations on one wall. You can do the same with mirror collections. Use one large mirror as the centerpiece. Stick several small mirrors around it.

2.      Antique Brass-framed Mirror


Brass is back in trend, thanks to its golden color that adds a luxurious touch. Since brass is eye-catching, use it as an accent, like a bathroom mirror. A simple bathroom will get a posh upgrade with an antique brass frame.

3.      Art Deco Mirror


Art Deco mirror reflects the luxury from the early 20th century. The mirror looks posh with gold lines and geometric designs, creating a more modern look. Having this mirror in the bathroom will create a luxurious feeling without looking old.

4.      Super Sleek Mirror


Even a regular square mirror will look interesting if the design is super sleek. It creates a subtle impression without looking boring. You can also save space and reduce “crowded” feeling in a small bathroom.

5.      Mirrored Metal Frame


Install mirrored metal frame for a strong but sleek look. Mirrored stainless creates a subtle impression, because it looks similar to the actual mirror. You can also choose a mirror with colored metal for a little burst of color.

6.      Hand Mirror Gallery

Instead of one large mirror, try installing several hand mirrors atop your sink. Use large mirrors as the center part, so you can get a better view. Use smaller mirrors to fill up the surrounding, creating a gallery. Mix and match various mirror styles for a striking look.

7.      Mirror Tile Panel


A panel of mirror tiles creates a striking look in a simple bathroom. Unlike “mirrored tiles”, actual mirror tiles have better reflection quality. You can see yourself better on these tiles. Try finding hexagonal or wide square tiles for a wider view instead of subway tiles, for example.

8.      Full-size Wall Mirror


Why settling with a full-body mirror if you can cover the entire wall? Filling an entire wall with mirror adds an almost futuristic view in your bathroom. You can also get a great view when getting ready, especially if you need to look the best.

9.      Vintage Dresser Mirror


Add vintage elegance in your bathroom by repurposing old dresser mirror. This mirror usually has three panels, connected to a table. Take off the mirror and install it above the sink. The singular design will improve any bathroom.

10.  Shelf-split Mirror


Split a long mirror by installing a shelf on it (instead of below). This split design creates a unique look in the bathroom. You can also place the shelf in a more accessible height. Use a shelf that corresponds well with the mirror’s design.

11.  Suspended Round Mirror


The round mirror looks common, but the suspension style determines the design look. Many suspended round mirrors have a unique suspension feature. If you like “classic” mirror shape, but want a unique twist in the design, stylish suspension mirror is for you.

12.  LED Touch Mirror


One of the most recent modern bathroom mirror ideas is touch LED mirror. The surface is equipped with an LED touch screen that controls other functions in your bathroom. Common features include light and water temperature controls.

13.  Fogless Mirror


Fogless mirror has a dedicated heat reservoir that produces warmth from the inside. It automatically removes fog from your mirror surface. If you have an enclosed bathroom and often take a hot shower, this mirror should be your friend.

14.  Ceiling Suspended Mirror


This mirror is hung from suspension system that extends out of the ceiling. The position is close to the wall, preventing the mirror from swinging dangerously. This suspension system is more dramatic because of the length.

15.  Black-framed Mirror


Thick, black frame makes a regular mirror more dramatic. You can install the frames yourself, or buy a pre-framed mirror. Black frame turns your mirror into a strong statement. Black mirror also hides dirt and stain at the edges of a mirror.

16.  Mirror with Weathered Wooden Frame


Weathered wooden frame combines classic, natural, and modern in one mirror. The weathered look may be deliberately added, making the frames look more authentic but polished. You can make a weathered frame with scrap wood. Don’t paint over the wood and let the natural grain patterns speak for themselves.

17.  Mirror with Backlight


Mirror with backlight emits a soft glow, reducing the need for bathroom lamps. You can use this glow to illuminate your face, without turning on the lamp. Many modern mirrors have an automatic dimming feature to regulate the light frequency.

A well-chosen mirror will improve any bathroom, especially if you can find a unique piece. Use these bathroom mirror ideas to start shopping and decorate the most private room in your house.

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