17 Best Bedroom Paint Colors to Welcome 2019

Changing bedroom paint can be a fresh start to welcome 2019. Choosing one of trending bedroom paint colors will spice up your personal space. Bright colors, which are popular for kitchens, are replaced by lifestyle-inspired shades. Consumer Reports for paint ranking also informed the rising trend of nature-related colors for houses.


Here are 17 colors you can adopt to refresh the bedroom.


1.      Forest Green

Forest green provides a calming feel for all bedroom types. The slightly dark green is great to pair with off white and light wood color. The wood colors can be incorporated as the floor, main furniture items, and curtains. Perfect for a well-lit bedroom.


2.      Pale Beige or Cream

Pale beige and cream became popular bedroom paint colors thanks to minimalist lifestyle trend. The pale beige or cream is soft, soothing, and perfect for all designs. However, they are not as boring as regular white.


3.      Periwinkle

The “lavender blue” or periwinkle is a great alternative of lilac and blue. The color leans slightly to the blue side, but still has a light lavender tone.  Perfect to pair with pale orange.


4.      Zesty Orange

Despite being a bright color, orange is great to energize your mind. It also has positive energy, but not as “stressful” as red. Neutral grey or pale green are perfect to balance the orange. Choosing the muted version of the orange (or sticking with matte paint) is a great way to reduce the overwhelming brilliance.


5.      Dusty Blush Pink

Lilac or millennial pink is no longer popular bedroom paint colors. The trends have shifted to the paler, more neutral versions, such as dusty blush pink. The shade is elegant, but not as bold as the trendier color, thus more timeless.


6.      Clay and Terracotta

“Earth” colors such as clay and terracotta provide warm feeling in a bedroom. The colors are great with pale green, white, or cream. These earth colors may lean to reddish or greyish brown, which you can choose depending on your taste.


7.      Misty Blue

Misty colors offer the paler versions of original colors. Misty blue, for example, has a blue undertone that leans to “foggy grey” color. It creates a relaxing and cooling atmosphere in the bedroom. Misty blue is great to pair with bright accent colors, like dark green, orange, or red.


8.      Turquoise

Turquoise is one of those timeless bedroom paint colors that can be fun or relaxing. It looks great with soft, neutral shades or bright accents. Using matte paint will subdue the turquoise shade, perfect for a relaxing bedroom.


9.      White “Shades”

White is a classic. Using several white “shades” is the modern way to adorn bedroom. People who love white but don’t want to look boring can use different “almost-white” tones to decorate a bedroom. They are modern, but still easy on the eyes.


10.  Muted Purple

Rich purple is an experimental color for many people. Using muted purple is a great choice if you feel self-conscious about using this color. The muted version provides a softer atmosphere even with the rich basic shade.


11.  Wood Colors

Woods provide diverse but still-relaxing atmosphere as bedroom paint colors. Instead of regular brown, wood colors mimic the actual shades of ash, oak, teak, and pine logs. They look fresh without being overwhelming.


12.  Muted Yellow

Infuse bright color into the bedroom by adding muted yellow. “Safer” than actual yellow, the muted version infuses brightness, but still comfortable for the eyes.


13.  Deep Cherry Red

Red is a good shade for a more energizing look in a bedroom. Deep cherry provides energizing look without overwhelming the eye. Muted red can become the background for a well-lit room, combined with beige or cream.


14.  Eggshell Green

Eggshell green is paler than forest green, but not too muted. Perfect to create a bold accent without overwhelming the eyes. It can be played with glossy or matte paint. Eggshell green also has a neutral tone, perfect for infusing bright accent colors like red or purple.


15.  Charcoal Blue

Charcoal blue hovers between blue and grey colors, usually leans to the darker shade. This is one of the best bedroom paint colors to create a moody atmosphere. The bedroom is perfect for those who mostly use the room as sleeping and reading spaces. It is easy to pair with any accent colors.


16.  Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushroom color rose to popularity in 2018, but its natural hue combination stays popular in 2019. Shiitake color has a light, earthy tone that hovers between light brown, pale green, and grey. The shade is neutral, but with a sheer pop of color.


17.  Pistachio Green

Pistachio is a bright green color that is not too loud. Like actual pistachio, this green evokes the more natural look of bright color. Pistachio green is perfect for a modern room that needs a pop of living color.


These bedroom paint colors are great to be paired with various accent colors. Make your bedroom more refreshing by choosing one of these trending yet timeless colors.

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