Bugs That Look Like Roaches but aren’t

Bugs That Look Like Roaches – The cockroaches are oval-shaped a flat with two antennae on their head which are as long as their body, they have six legs covered with spines and adults are covered with wings.

However, few cockroaches fly. Some of them have very short wings, and some don’t have at all. There are numerous insects which are similar in appearance to cockroaches. It is very important to identify them correctly to ensure you can eliminate a potential infestation.

Bugs that Look Like Roaches

bugs that look like roaches

Cockroaches are disgusting little bugs that belong in the order blattaria. They are known to carry disease causing bacteria which they leave behind in their feces all over your house floors.

This feces can infect your family members young and old with severe ailments such as typhoid and cholera. As much as healthy individuals can withstand the germs, there are those we don’t stand a chance in escaping the diseases.

What are Cockroaches

all types bugs that look like roaches

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests that will often be spotted during an infestation breakout in your home. They are usually covered in a hard exoskeleton that molts several times in attempt of reaching maturity.

There are several bugs out there, often beetles that resemble cockroaches although you will rarely spot them in your home. However, they can find their way inside your home.

Beetles have similar characteristic to cockroaches and a resembling body appearance. From a far you can confuse beetles with cockroaches but at a closer view, they can speak for themselves.

It is therefore, important to determine the pest in your home for your piece of mind and to identify the most appropriate measures that you can take to get rid of them.

Common Types of Roaches

Common Types of Cockroaches
bugs that look like roaches by pestsurvivalguide.com

There is a wide population of roaches and baby roaches across the globe with 69 different types commonly identifies by various pest management specialist. In the United States of America, there are for common household cockroach species which include; American, Oriental, German and Brown-branded cockroaches.

These cockroaches share the same basic characteristics as other types of cockroaches but they have unique traits that differentiates them from each other. To identify the kind of roach that has infested your home, here are a few determining factors you should keep an eye on.

The American Cockroach

Common Types of Cockroaches
bugs that look like roaches by pestworld.org

The American cockroach is one of the most common household cockroaches identified across the globe. They are approximately 1.5 inches long and have a characteristic red-brown or dark brown color. The male and female American cockroaches have wings of the same length as their bodies, but, the males are a bit longer compared to its female counterpart. As a matter of fact, the wing length of species, especially those mistaken for a cockroach can help in identifying whether it’s a roach or a bug.

The American roaches are commonly found in warm, dark and damp areas such as basements , crawl spaces. bathtubs, floor drains and sewers.  Like most cockroach species, the American roach can consume almost anything, but with regards to the nature of the habitat, they will mostly feed on garbage and decaying plant material.

As with all roaches, when they crawl around looking for food, they can contaminate surfaces and food items with disease causing bacteria, thus creating a health hazardous environment. For Items you suspect to have been contaminated, they should be properly disposed and thoroughly clean surfaces and floors as well as food cabinets.

Brown Branded Cockroaches

bugs that look like roaches
bugs that look like roaches by pestworld.org

An adult brown-branded cockroach is about one and a half inches long. The females are dark brown in color whilst the males have a golden-tan color, however, both have characteristic light colored bands across their wings and abdomen. The male brown branded roach can fly if disturbed.

Unlike other cockroaches, brown branded cockroaches love warm and humid environments. The brown branded roaches prefer feeding on starchy foods including glue from envelopes or stamps, and paper products.

With the unique traits they portray, then it is not a surprise to find them in offices, apartments, kitchens and even in hospitals. To get rid of brown-branded roaches, you’d need to use different methods due to their traits.

Bugs That Look Like Roaches

Other bugs and beetles will be mistaken for cockroaches due to similarities and body appearances that resemble cockroaches. A few of these bugs and beetles include;

June Bugs That Look Like Roaches

june june bugs that look like roaches

June Bugs are the type of bugs which are mystified with cockroaches. For many who have never seen them, it is firm that they might think it is a cockroach. Even though, close resemblance, these bugs have some differences. For someone, they don’t harm. However, their bites are annoying, but they don’t carry diseases like cockroaches. Secondly, they found in the crowd in the farms whereas the cockroaches usually found inside the houses

Ground Beetles Bugs That Look Like Roaches

bugs that look like roaches ground

Anyhow, ground beetles find their way into houses and most homeowner mistakenly thinks that they are roaches. In fact, they people are confused as they are shiny and black like roaches. But if you will look them closely, they will look quite different from cockroaches.  Ground Beetles Bugs are beneficial to your gardens as they eat other insects that may destroy your crops.

Crickets Bugs

bugs that look like roaches crickets

Cricket Bugs are also similar red and brown colored appearance with cockroaches. They usually come out at the night and makes noise, and they hide if someone comes close to them. They run faster and color, these two things which are different from cockroaches.

If you will look at it, you probably believe that they are cockroaches as they don’t give you chance to examine closely. It will be the best way to explain the difference between the two insects is the cricket’s long hind legs which they use for jumping.

As ground beetles are not harmful, crickets are also not harmful to the people, but they tend to live in the same types of surroundings as cockroaches do. It is the good news that it is easy to trap them and they can be removed from bug lights so doesn’t require using heavy pesticides.

Boring Beetles

bugs that look like roaches boring

Wood-boring beetles are among the most commonly confused bugs for cockroaches. They have long antennae, body shapes similar to cockroaches with brown wings covering their bodies. However, they fly, something most of the cockroaches don’t do.

One of the wood-boring species that resemble cockroaches is the locust borer beetle when flying, however, on landing, you note that they have red, yellow and black body markings. The other is the ash borer that resemble roaches, but, they don’t move as fast as cockroaches do.

Water Bugs That Look Like Roaches

water bugs that look like roaches

The other names of the water bugs are “Croton Bug” or “Palmetto Bug, ” and they are usually found in standing water whereas cockroaches only tend to live in the humid areas. It is very important to recognize that these types of bugs are distinct and different species.

Typically, water bugs are more aggressive and larger in size than cockroaches. Also, their bites can be painful to the humans. If you will not take the help from the professional or the experts, it is hard to identify which is which.

However, they are darker in color of their body which the color of the cockroaches is red or orange. It is the best way to eliminate this type of insects to keep your bathroom and kitchen area clean and free of water sources, so such insects will not attract.

Palo Verde Beetle

bugs that look like roaches Palo Verde Beetle

In the Southwestern part of the US, you will notice largely sized beetle that flies and remarkably look same to the American cockroaches. This type of insects, place eggs under the ground of olive trees, rose bushes and Palo Verde trees. They take four years to mature, and their size can reach four to five inches in length. These insects are darker, longer and they have hard shells.

Leaf Footed Bug

bugs that look like roaches Leaf Footed Bug

Leaf footed bugs are often the most peculiar bugs to compare with cockroaches as they don’t share most similarities. However, people still confuse them for cockroaches especially when climbing on walls. They are usually spotted late in summer or early fall and love hiding on walls and window sills in your homes.

Some of the characteristics they have that resembles them to roaches include; they have wings, have a brown appearance, and they are roughly an inch long. However, they have different markings which you can clearly observe in close range.

Asian Longhorned Beetles

bugs that look like roaches Asian Longhorned Beetles

These types of bugs are a party of the beetle family, and they are also looking like cockroaches. If you will look to at their bodies, it is hard to identify the real cockroach. Only one thing makes the difference, and that is the length of their antennas.

Asian Longhorn Beetles have longer antenna than cockroaches. However, these types of Beetles have a lot in common to cockroaches from body appearance, size, and color but not that noticeable.


bed bugs that look like roaches

These types of bugs should not be welcomed in your home at any cost. Bed Bugs many times be mistaken for immature roaches, but these are totally different insects which usually actives at night. During the day, they hide in your pillow, bed sheets, mattresses and any types of beddings and they come out at night only.

They rest in the day time and attack in the night, if you will notice red bite or itchy swollen on your body, you have probably dealt with the bed bugs while roaches do not attack to the people in their sleep.


bed bugs that look like roaches earwig

Another insect is Earwig which also looks similar to a cockroach. Although, its coloration is similar to the roaches you can be sure that it is earwig by the prominent set of tongs at the tail end of its belly. This set of tongs is found in both males and females. Earwig Bugs are usually found in the plant matter and also found hiding in the large crack of the home.


bed bugs that look like roaches cicadas

Cicadas are blackish brown insects, and they are responsible for the rhythmic ear shattering noise, and they are found during late summertime. They are big in the size; many species are about 2 inches long. They tend to live outside in the cover of the bushes and trees. They don’t harm to the people at all, they feed on plant matter.

all types bugs that look like roaches



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