How Much and How Often to Feed Fish

How Often to Feed Fish Tank

How Often to Feed Fish – Overfeeding is one of the most common blunder fish owners make. Overfeeding clogs the filter as well as breaks down right into contaminants that are harmful to fish. Hence the warnings on the packages. In nature, fish consume whenever they are hungry and food is readily available. If food … Read more

Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir Profile [Polipterus Senegalus]

Dinosaur Bichir Tank

Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir are precisely reproduced variations of the typical Senegal Bichir. Senegal Bichir are commonly distributed throughout Africa, where they could be found living in a variety of sluggish removaling shallow waters including: swamps, marshes, lakes, estuaries and also small tributaries. They can expand upwards of 18 inches in length in the wild, … Read more