Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir Profile [Polipterus Senegalus]

Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir are precisely reproduced variations of the typical Senegal Bichir. Senegal Bichir are commonly distributed throughout Africa, where they could be found living in a variety of sluggish removaling shallow waters including: swamps, marshes, lakes, estuaries and also small tributaries.

They can expand upwards of 18 inches in length in the wild, yet typically just grow to concerning 12 inches in the residence aquarium.

They are taken into consideration a semi-aggressive types since they will certainly eat fish little enough to suit their mouths, yet will certainly not bother bigger fish varieties.

Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir are available within the aquarium pastime as ranch increased samplings that do extremely well in the fish tank environment when offered correct water problems and also fish tank size.

Bichir have numerous intriguing adjustments, that include a divided swim bladder and also primitive lung. These adaptations the fish to take in oxygen from the air, allowing it to survive from water for time, provided it is maintained wet.

Like various other Ananbantoid species, they will actually drown if it is rejected accessibility to atmospheric air. Young bichirs even have amphibian-like outside gills which are lost as the fish develops into adulthood.

These adaptations in addition to their amphibian like habits of hiding throughout the day and searching during the night, show a clear web link in between the modern bichir and amphibians.

Dinosaur Bichir Aquarium Care

Dinosaur Bichir

A perfect aquarium arrangement for an adult Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir will certainly have a foot print of 6 x 2 feet or bigger, a soft sandy substratum and a blend of smooth rocks, plants and also driftwood.

Due to the form of the Albino Senegal Dinosaur Bichir and also its swimming routines it is important to provide a fish tank with plenty of depth and also size, with the height of the fish tank being lesser.

As a nocturnal types, the Albino Senegal Bichir will appreciate areas of the aquarium that are either not brightly lit or are shaded by plants or driftwood.

Appropriate container friends for the Albino Senegal Bichir should be huge enough to not be considered food (anything little enough to fit in their mouth), however not so aggressive that they will certainly pester the Bichir.

Albino Senegal Bichir are proficient at locating their escape of fish tanks and also into the floor, therefore a tight-fitting aquarium cover is required.

They succeed with various other huge semi-aggressive tank companions including bigger South American and African Cichlids. They will refrain well with aggressive Cichlids or Cichlid huge enough to view the Bichir as a food item.

Generally, enthusiasts must have no problem keeping Bichir in their home aquarium, as they are an extremely hardy varieties that has succeeded in nature for millions of years.

Dinosaur Bichir Feeding & Nutrition

Dinosaur Bichir Care

The Albino Senegal Bichir is a meat-eating types that will certainly consume a range of meaningful foods both in the wild and also the fish tank setting.

Basically the it will certainly see any other fish or invertebrate varieties in the aquarium that are tiny enough to suit its mouth as food. However, in order to supply them the minerals and vitamins that they should support a healthy and balanced body immune system they must not be fed a diet plan exclusively of feeder fish.

An excellent diet for the Albino Senegal Bichir will certainly have a range of meaty foods including: earthworms, prawns, mussels, raw shrimp and numerous sorts of feeder fish like silver sides and lance fish.

Some Bichir have been understood to approve business meaty pellets and also wafers, however usually they do best with live or frozen foods. They need to normally be fed 1 to 2 times each day a quantity of food that they will certainly consume within 5 mins.

When first included in the fish tank, Bichir are more likely to feed with the aquarium lights off or dimmed as they are a nighttime species. Being a nighttime varieties with bad vision, the Albino Senegal Bichir has actually established an outstanding sense of smell which they utilize to locate food in low lighting problems.

Feeding them with the fish tank lights off gives them a benefit over container friends who make use of sight as a main technique of detecting food.

The Cuvier Bichir does best in a large “oddball” aquarium with various other huge, passive fish. When supplied with a lot of open swimming locations, rocks as well as crevices, the Cuvier Bichir is not usually hostile toward storage tank friends.

This types is semi-aggressive in that they will certainly swallow any kind of fish or invertebrate that they can fit into their mouth.

Take care in picking passive container friends for the Bichir, as they are very easy in the direction of other huge fish. Prone to jumping, a limited, well-sealed fish tank lid is required.

A carnivore, Polypterus senegalus could be supplied a diverse diet of real-time foods such as worms as well as shrimp, in addition to prepared foods such as krill, pellet food, as well as freeze-dried tubifex. The Cuvier Bichir could also accept some frozen foods.

Dinosaur Bichir Behavior

Dinosaur Bichir Habitat

During energetic hours, Polypterus senegalus swim regarding their setting, doing tasks such as checking out, feeding, hunting, exploring adjustments, and also scavenging; social habits is also observed as P.

senegalus occasionally adhere to each various other stiring; most individuals are inactive in the evening and also rest reduced above the ground up until sunup.

Dinosaur Bichir Subspecies

Dinosaur Bichir Tank

3 subspecies of P. senegalus are recognized: P. s. senegalus, P. s. meridionalis, and a more unrevealed subspecies.

  • P. s. senegalus expands to about 80 centimeters (32 in) in the wild, and 48 cm (19 in) in captivity. It is an uniform brownish-grey to olive color on the dorsal surface, and the forward surface is whitish. No banding occurs on adults, yet really young juveniles show 3 straight bands. The top jaw is somewhat longer than lower jaw. It has eight to 11 dorsal finlets.
  • P. s. meridionalis expands to regarding 110 cm (44 in) in the wild, and also 56 centimeters (22 in) in captivity. It is an uniform olive-grey shade on the dorsal surface. The top and reduced jaws are about the same size. It has 9 or 10 dorsal spinal columns. P. s. meridionalis might be a regional variation of P. s. senegalus.

Dinosaur Bichir Distribution & Habitat

Dinosaur Bichir Senegal

This types of bichir is found in lakes, river margins, swamps, and floodplains of tropical Africa as well as the Nile river system, it happens in a minimum of twenty-six African nations which include Senegal, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Ivory Coastline, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Gambia, Uganda, and also others.

Its circulation prevails, comprehensive to consist of the Nile container and West Africa (Senegal, Gambia, Niger, Volta, as well as Lake Chad basins, and Congo River Container.


Dinosaur Bichir Senegal Platinum

Bichirs are aggressive fish; in captivity they will take any online or dead pet that could be swallowed or disintegrated and afterwards ingested. Only its lack of speed avoids a bichir from clearing an aquarium of smaller sized fish; the pectoral fins just permit sluggish travelling, and while it could achieve impressive bursts of speed, it could not catch fish of ordinary rate.

Provided enough time, any kind of fish that can fit in the bichir’s mouth will certainly be consumed; this fish needs to not be maintained with any other fish smaller than three inches. It will certainly likewise bite fins of various other fishes if it can.

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