Donations are our lifeblood. They fund the care of our elephants, the maintenance of our facilities and the delivery of our educational programming.  Please click the "donate" button below to be taken to a secure donation page. Thank you for your generosity.


Why Donate? 

Funding for the Hope Elephants facility, conservation, educational programming and the care of our elephants is provided entirely through charitable donations. We are a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization so donations to Hope Elephants are tax deductible to the greatest extent permissible by law and all donors of greater than $100 will receive a letter from us acknowledging the donation which may be kept for tax purposes. Please consider donating to support our care for a pair of wonderful animals and our educational programs.

We welcome donations in kind. If you have an item or service you believe Hope Elephants might be able to use, please contact us in the form below so we can discuss whether a donation in kind is appropriate.

If you are considering providing a bequest to Hope Elephants as part of your estate planning, please contact us in the form below for more information. 

We provide special recognition for our business and corporate sponsors. Please let us know if your business or organization is contemplating a donation to Hope Elephants.

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