In your classroom

Hope Elephants is proud to release our Education Resource Guide. It is available as a free download or as a package available through the mail with additional materials. 

The resource guide includes activities in elephant physiology, ecology, animal behavior and conservation. There are multi-discipline activities designed for 4 to 18-year-old students and aligned with national science and common core standards.

To discuss how your school can integrate the guide, or for any further questions please contact us at: [email protected] with the word “Guide” in the subject line.

Hope Elephants Resource Guide

Includes: Printed copy of Hope Elephants Education Resource Guide, “Elephant Talk” book by Ann Downer, “Blood Ivory” National Geographic magazine (October 2012), and CD of original music created to accompany activities.

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Innovating via education

Hope Elephants has friends all over the world who want to teach the world about elephants. One of our friends happens to be a safari guide in Tanzania. As soon as we can raise the funds to get our friend a computer, we’ll be able to project real-time images of African elephants into classrooms. Just think—your donation could help students everywhere go on virtual safaris. Donate here.

Let the healing begin at Hope.