Southern Flying Squirrel Pet Make Good to Keep

Flying Squirrel Pet – Traveling squirrels form a deep bond with their human proprietor and take pleasure in investing hrs climbing around or resting in their proprietors clothing. Squirrels are nocturnal yet will certainly readjust a little to their proprietors as well as invest time awake with them.

Diet regimen: We feed our flying squirrel pet our home made squirrel mix consisting of nuts, grain and also supplements. Shelled nuts like pecan and also walnuts ready deals with.

Calcium needs to be contributed to their diet plan. We like to provide our squirrels orange slices twice weekly along with the powdered calcium on their food. Dimension at The adult years: 5″ long consisting of the tail, and also consider in between 4- 6oz.

Flying Squirrel Pet

Flying Squirrel Pet

Living environments: A great cage is a medium size bird cage, at least 2′ x2′ x4′. Provide lots of safe branches, hanging pouches and also resting locations for them.

Bonding: It is important to obtain your baby squirrel at no more than 8 weeks old and bring them in your t-shirt pocket or in a bonding bag for a number of hrs a days for at the very least 2 to 3 weeks.

What is a Flying Squirrel Pet?

What is Flying Squirrel Pet

Flying Squirrels pet are tiny rats that are belonging to parts of the United States. Flying squirrels develop a deep bond with their human owner and delight in spending time climbing up around or sleeping in their owners apparel. Flying squirrels are nighttime which means they are asleep during the day and awake during the evening.

Are they the same thing as a Sugar Glider?

Flying Squirrel Pet and Sugar Glider
Sugar Glider by

No, they are totally various and also are not also associated! Sugar gliders are marsupials as well as leaflets are rats. SG’s have a foul odor and scent glands as well as leaflets do not.

Gliders reproduce all the time as well as will certainly breed extremely well and also quickly in bondage, Flyers squirrel pet annually and are not really effective when paired and reproduced in bondage.

They have different diets, fur shade fur texture, smell, and also sounds. The only points they share is that the both glide, they are the same dimension and also they both form deep bonds with thier owners.

Owning a Flying Squirrel Pet

Flying Squirrel Pet Winter

Flying squirrels could be loving and also affectionate animals if cared for effectively as well as gotten at the right age. Each flying squirrel could have their own individuality however generally they are interest applicants as well as affectionate with their human beings.

Do Flying Squirrel Pet Bite?

Flying Squirrel Pet Fly

Anything took care of from a young age and also normally domesticated and treated as a pet more than most likely will not attack. I would rank flying squirrels as 95% attack totally free.

Planning for a Flying Squirrel Pet

Cute Flying Squirrel Pet

Prior to you bring your Leaflet house, you should have its habitat ready. Your baby will certainly be available in a small plastic aquarium for it to remain in for the initial two weeks.

It is essential that you keep the baby in this container for it to control its body temperature level as well as to maintain it in an extra natural “nest” atmosphere like it would be in the wild.

When your squirrel is all set for a large cage, line the base of the cage with a few sheets of paper. Area the nest box or bonding bag somewhere up high on the side of the cage. Changing the newspaper should be done as soon as or more a week.

Bear in mind to situate a vet experienced with exotics and that wants to see your child PRIOR TO you obtain your baby.

How Much Time Does a Flying Squirrel Pet Require?

Best  Flying Squirrel Pet

The very first few weeks it is vital to spend as much time as possible with your child to bond with it. After bonding is attained, it would certainly still be best to spend as much time as feasible, however a hr every evening would certainly be great for your leaflet.


Bonding Flying Squirrel Pet

Bonding is a very special attribute of the Flying Squirrel Pet. Start the bonding process by acquiring your infant’s depend on. Carry your child in a bonding pouch or in a loosened tee shirt pocket.

Hand Feeding

Baby Flying Squirrel Pet

You should have PetAg or Esbilac canned young puppy milk replacer (lugged at Walmart) on hand prior to obtaining your child squirrel. If not available, various other brands of tinned young puppy milk would be acceptable. When opened up the can should be discarded after 3 days, numerous canisters will be necessary.

Hand-feeding is necessary for the bonding procedure of a Leaflet. Considering that incorrect hand-feedings could be fatal, it is vital that a responsible grownup do all the hand-feedings.

When you get your infant it will currently be accustomed to hand-feedings and also will be all set to eat when they get home. Get the infant out of the carrier and also set it down. Do not feed your infant on its back.

Pressing the syringe in also fast will push milk right into the children lungs as well as they will certainly pass away within a few hours. It is very, crucial that you feed them painstakingly gradually. A correct feeding must last 6-10 mins.

The minimum amount of feedings is 3 times a day, however if you can feed them more often it is suggested. A normal feeding is around 3-5 complete syringes. They could eat less the first day, which is regular. Do never force them to eat extra.

When they are done, they are done. After they have actually completed, rub out any type of formula from their mouths and set them in their cage to absorb for regarding a hr. After that you can obtain them bent on play. If you don’t have time to wait the hour, you could delicately play with them for a couple of minutes.

Flying Squirrel Pet Diet

Flying Squirrel Pet Diet

Babies will certainly be on the formula 2 times a day as well as apple/orange pieces and flying squirrel seed. Some poeple usage Repcal, a calcium powder, however we provide our adults orange slices two times each week as well as that takes care of the calcium shortage.


Flying Squirrel Pet at Tree

Flying squirrel are very energetic will certainly call for exercise and tasks to prevent ending up being obese or ill. A strong plastic wheel in the cage is a terrific exercise device.

You should hang around with your flyer as typically as you could beyond their cage. Never take your flyer outside to play, they may jump into a tree as well as never ever come down.

Living With a Flying Squirrel Pet

Living With Flying Squirrel Pet

Having a flying squirrel pet is like having a super affectionate, adorable hamster that can fly! They have cute antics and private characters. They enjoy to nuzzle in your apparel all day and will certainly delight you all night running around and also checking out whatever.

We recommend obtaining 2 flying squirrels due to the fact that they are social and also could get lonely which can result in habits problems.

This is not a requirement, we have numerous clients with only one squirrel that lives happy and also healthy and balanced. Generally they make excellent animals, can be handled and also taken care of by the whole family members.

Flying squirrel pet create a deep bond with their human proprietor and also delight in spending hours climbing around or resting in their proprietors clothes. Diet plan: We feed our squirrels our home made squirrel mix being composed of nuts, grain and also supplements.

Flying squirrels pet develop a deep bond with their human proprietor and also delight in investing time climbing up around or sleeping in their proprietors clothes.

You must have PetAg or Esbilac canned puppy milk replacer (lugged at Walmart) on hand prior to getting your child squirrel. Infants will certainly be on the formula 2 times a day as well as apple/orange pieces as well as flying squirrel seed.

Flying Squirrel Pet Profile

Flying Squirrel Pet Profile
  • Taxonomic name: Glaucomys volans
  • Expected Life-span: 10-12 years
  • Dimension: 8-10 inches, consisting of the tail.
  • Weight: 2-4 ounces.
  • Natural Distribution: Southern as well as eastern United States.

Legal Status as Pet

You should inspect the validity of keeping southern flying squirrels as pet dogs as the laws vary in different states, provinces, and also countries. Particularly in areas where they are indigenous, it may be unlawful to keep them as family pets, or a permit may be needed.


Southern flying squirrels create an extremely deep bond with their owners if acquired at a young age – are usually rather happy to spend time playing and climbing up on their proprietor or sleeping in a pocket or bonding pouch on their owner.


Southern flying squirrel are nighttime, although they can adjust to hanging out with their proprietors throughout the day if given with a bag or pocket for resting. A sliding membrane layer extends from the foreleg to the back leg when the legs are expanded and also permits them to glide from perch to perch, sometimes as for 150 feet (but only in a downward instructions).


In the wild, Southern flying squirrels eat a selection of nuts, pests, fruits, and also seeds. In bondage, they appear to do well ache nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts, acorns and also hickory nuts, supplemented with bird seed mix, as well as a range of fresh veggies (corn as well as wonderful potatoes are preferred) as well as fruit.

Waxworms and also mealworms can additionally be offered as well as occasional treats of tough boiled egg or chicken can include a little protein to the diet regimen. They are claimed to like moths, as well.


Traveling squirrels pet are at risk to calcium deficiency, so a supplement of calcium as well as vitamin D3 (crucial in calcium metabolic rate) ought to be utilized on their food.

Products high in phosphorous should be limited. A calcium block or cuttlebone must additionally be given in the cage, in addition to a mineral block.


Considering that Southern flying squirrel are not large they could make do with a rather little cage, however to grow they need area to run as well as climb. Some proprietors locate that a homemade cage works well also.

Southern flying squirrels are exceptional chewers, so make certain they can not chew their method out of their cage (any timber or plastic need to be covered with cord).

Provide branches in the cage, for both climbing up and chewing. Cotton ropes awaited the cage additionally give a chance for climbing as well as play. Nest boxes must be provided together with facial tissues or paper towel for nesting product (avoid anything with strings that might wrap around and harm a leg).

All-time low of the cage could be lined with bed linens or litter proper for rats (i.e. no cedar shavings – see Leading Alternatives to Cedar Shavings for suggestions).

Water should be given in a superficial open bowl. Southern flying squirrels have actually been understood to have troubles with sipper tubes on canteen.

As discussed above, branches could be used as eat toys, as could timber pieces, timber parrot playthings, and so on. Whole, hard-shelled nuts likewise offer chewing possibilities along with being delicious treats.

A running wheel is additionally recommended for workout. A solid surface wheel such as the Wodent Wheel is the most safe choice.

An excellent resource of info regarding keeping flying squirrels along with an area to connect with various other owners is the National Flying Squirrel Organization site.

Because Southern flying squirrel are not large they could make do with a fairly little cage, however to prosper they need space to run and climb. Some owners discover that a homemade cage works well too.

Southern flying squirrels are exceptional chewers, so make certain they could not chew their method out of their cage (any type of wood or plastic ought to be covered with cord). Supply branches in the cage, for both chewing and also climbing. Cotton ropes hung in the cage likewise give a possibility for climbing up and play.

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