How long do Snails Sleep With Frog

How Long do Snails Sleep, Life Cycle, Growth and Adaptation

How Long do Snails Sleep – Snail is a common name given to the class members gastropod molluscs. This term is given to those who have shells as shown above when they are adults, but there are also snails that do not have a shell. These animals can be found in different environments, but it is surely found in wet or humid environments.

Slug known as the animals were very slow and slow. It turned out that in addition, not many people know it turns snails were able to sleep in a very long time, as in title this article, is not able to sleep 3-4 years. Long sleep process is called hibernation.

Hibernation is a state of inactivity and a decrease in animals is characterized by lower body temperature, slower breathing and metabolic rate slows down. So for what snail it actually was very long sleep? Read this article about how long do snails sleep. Check this out!

How Long do Snails Sleep ?

How Long do Snails Sleep

Well, this snail is one of the animals whose lives depend on humidity environment, if they are dehydrated or not wet, then they will die.

Therefore snail sleep to develop survival mechanisms that are directed to retain moisture in their bodies. The reason is what makes most snails are nocturnal (active at night), how long do snails sleep during the day and feed at night.

As they move at night, these animals will move slowly and carefully. Snails chew anything they find with using touch them, because they can not hear and had a very bad looking.

These animals hibernate trying to conserve energy, especially during the winter when there is a shortage of food, energy to burn stored body fat, slowly. This hibernation may occur within the daily, weekly, and even yearly.

Snails desert is one slug capable of hibernating / sleep for 3 years, and they have a variety of capabilities that have been developed to keep moisture from the body.

About and Facts How Long do Snails Sleep

How Long do Snails Sleep 3 Years

How long do snails sleep occupy every continent in the world, perhaps excluding Antarctica, although some sea snails might occupy its surrounding waters. They vary significantly in dimension, from the tiny land snail Punctum minutissimum to the large sea snail Syrinx aruanus.

Whose shell could determine roughly 30 inches in size. All snails are hermaphrodites– possessing both female and male sex-related organs– they need to mate to fertilize their eggs.

Try Research How Long do Snails Sleep

How Long do Snails Sleep in Indonesia

In 2011, outcomes were published from study accomplished at the College of Toronto, validating that snails do sleep. The researchers checked that the snails actually were sleeping, rather than just resting, by gauging their response time to stimulations, such as being tapped on the covering or existing with food. Some snails were observed for 79 days so researchers could obtain some insight right into their resting patterns.

Sleeping Activity

You Know How Long do Snails Sleep

Data from the College of Toronto research revealed that snails have a very various sleep cycle from individuals. Instead of belonging to a 24-hour day, their rest cycle lasted a couple of days. Over a period of 13 to 15 hours, snails sleep in around 7 bouts.

This sleeping period is complied with by approximately 30 hrs of activity. They apparently have no need to make up for it if they shed rest during their regular sleeping duration.

Hibernation and also Estivation

3 Facts How Long do Snails Sleep

Along with their daily resting routines, snails additionally go into a deep sleep to stay clear of unfavorable weather conditions and periods when food is scarce. In cooler environments they hibernate during the cold weather, and also in hotter climates they estivate during the summer months.

When they enter into hibernation or estivation, they secure themselves securely inside their shells with a layer of mucous that forms a difficult cover over the opening.

Snails occupy every continent on Earth, possibly leaving out Antarctica, although some sea snails may occupy its bordering waters. They vary greatly in dimension, from the little land snail Punctum minutissimum to the giant sea snail Syrinx aruanus, whose shell can measure approximately 30 inches in size.

In enhancement to their day-to-day sleeping routines, how long do snails sleep also go right into a deep sleep to avoid adverse weather problems and periods when food is scarce.

Why Snail Always Bring The House?

How long do Snails Sleep and Always Bring The House

The house was named snail shell. The shells also grow larger as the snail body growth. So, snails never felt home becomes narrower. Conch shell shape such as a circular spiral.

There are circular and there is a circular left to right. When newly hatched snails, shells form a semicircle. With age conch, shells and even then the number of circles on the increase. The conch shell large increases.

Actually, the conch shell is a part of his body. Inside the shell of a snail stored body parts such as,, stomach, lungs, intestines, and kidneys. Conch shell made mostly of calcium or calcium carbonate.

This substance is the same as the substance that forms the teeth and nails. This substance is made into a hard shell. That way, the body part will be securely protected snails.

In addition, the conch shell is also useful to keep humidity her. That is why, when the snail felt himself dry, he pulled his body into the shell. Then he closes the shell hole with a thin membrane. Thus, the inside of the snail’s body will remain moist.

The humidity inside the shell had to be maintained. That is why, when a cracked shell, conch cracking section immediately connect it with the lime that comes from the end of the membrane around the body.

However, if the shell is broken, slugs are not able to connect the fragments. As a result, the inside of the shell and the body will dry up. Snails could die.

Life Cycle, Growth & Adaptation of Snails

How long do Snails Sleep Activity

The life cycle of snails depends on the availability of food and temperature of aquatic environment. At high temperatures and abundant food, some species of snails showed a very fast life cycle or short, less than three months and reproduce throughout the year.

In some cases, when the snails are faced with food shortages and long periods of drought, snails will have a long life cycle and reproduction period only once in the spring and early summer.

Factors that affect not only the environment as food and temperature are important role in the life of snails. Some species have a rest period (aestivation), whereas some other species, even though they are in the same environmental conditions.

Can alter the growth and reproduction of the entire life cycle of snails, it looks at Pomacea canaliculata with little increase in food and environmental temperature cycle (day / night) at 9-29 ° C. during the study, the hatching process is the beginning of rapid growth in the first months.

The growth rate decreased, and even become a complete stop (the achievement of gonadal maturation). At this time, slugs become active sexuality and nest eggs have been piling up. After one or more laying eggs, snails will begin to grow rapidly again until the next reproduction period arrives.

Reduced growth during the reproductive period can not be fitted solely as the price of spawning and the production of sperm and eggs. Detention growth was also seen in the growth snails do not have a mating partner.

This rapid growth will take place during the spring or rain, but it also depends on the size of the conch, conch larger size will experience slower growth than smaller snails (Estebenet and Martin, 2002).

The life cycle of snails by Soenarjo et al (1989) from the egg stage to stage berikutmya egg takes three months, while for paddy snail takes 6-7 months. At the age of 15 days snails reach a size of 4.1 mm wide and 5.8 mm high.

The next three months after the eggs hatched snails are considered adults and are ready for production in which the body has reached a length of 3-4 cm with a weight of 10-20 g. life cycle snails as follows; → egg incubation period (7-14 days) → adult body hatch (15-25 days) → growth period (49-59 days) → sex adult reproductive period (60 days – 3 years).

Active and Rest Periods (Aestivation)

How long do Snails Sleep Every Life

Active period and the how long do snails sleep period (aestivation) on snails depending on environmental conditions. The main factors that affect the activity of snails is the temperature, the amount of rain and keterediaan feed ingredients are also very important. The intensity of light or photoperiod showed little effect and did not play an important role.

During the rest period, conch immerse themselves in mud and metabolism decreases. Species of snail resting on dry mud need to reduce the level of oxygen consumption, even though it is difficult in the dry mud. Esetebet and Martin (2002) also added that in the summer with temperatures in dry environments with hot temperatures how long do snails sleep tend to be inactive, and will be active again after getting a humid temperature.

To resolve this problem, conch experienced turnover respiratory system of normal aerobic respiration becomes semi-anaerobic respiration (anaerobic glycolysis). In circumstances that are less favorable when metabolistis channel produces lactic acid, which can be neutralized with calcium and cause calcium lactate available in snail feed.

For the life of molluscs calcium dissolved in the water is a very important factor, because it is an important element in the formation of the shell. Most mollusks like waters with high carbonate content and always alkaline (pH> 7).

Snails can live in water that has a pH of 5-8 and a temperature tolerance of between 23-33ºC (Sumarni, 1989; Suwarman, 1989; Pitojo, 1996), while according Mardyanti (1990) a temperature suitable for life snails are 26-32 ºC. but according to Wilbur and Owen (1966) snails that have some sort of lung can produce in waters with a pH of 4.8 to 9.8.

Season where snails undergo a period of rest depends on the circumstances that exist. In areas with dry and wet periods, they break through the dry season until the rains come.

Snails with an unusual area with a special wet and dry seasons, has a turnover excess temperature in its life cycle and the sometimes sleep in the winter if the ability to get food decreased in winter. This snail is also hiding in the mud. The increase in temperature in the spring and autumn.

The reproduction process started as soon as possible with the onset of spring. Species of snails that live in environments with enough food and water throughout the year, such as in tropical forests, do not show a clear rest period, although their activity may vary.

During the rest period snails do not eat, then the whole purpose of life derived from the inventory contained in body tissues. According to Hyman (1967) supplies the food supply (food) is mainly stored in the form of fat and only a little in the form of carbohydrates fat is stored in cells of the glandular tissue “midgut”, the epithelium of the stomach and intestine (Rosen in Hyman, 1967) further said that fat as energy reserves will be used up for 6 weeks if slugs proficiency level in the fasting state.

According Brahmanandam and Krishnamoorthy (1973), during the rest period decrease of carbohydrates on blood glucose lowering. This is in line with revenue Meenakshi (1956), said that during the break occurred in a progressive decline in reserves glukogen.

This has been demonstrated in snail Pila virens weighing 8 grams, after a period of rest for 6 months lost as much as 24 mg glycogen (Goddard and Martin, 1966 Riani, 1992).

In addition to a decrease in glycogen, the how long do snails sleep do the rest period also decreased levels of protein (Murthy, Pavan, Babu, Karumuri, 1979) which states that the snail decreased levels of the protein, and by Brahmanandam and Krishnamoorthy (1973) that during the period Pila globosa snail resting on the higher degradation of the proteins contained in the tissue.

In the opinion of Krupanidhi, Venugopal, Venkata and Padmanabha (1978) on the snail decreased levels of blood protein of approximately 20%, while according Brahmanandam and Krishnamoorthy (1973) in addition to the above during the rest period also decreased levels of pyruvate.

Movement, How Long do Snails Sleep

How long do Snails Sleep With Frog

After knowing snails as has been described, it should be known how to facilitate the deployment acultivation and control and utilization.

Snails moving from one place to another by means of sliding. At the time of movement snails, slugs the discharge in the form of lenders as utuk layer movement by means of longitudinal muscle fibers wrinkled legs undulating.

The mucus serves as a lubricant and also serves as a way to hold the feet to relax during the contacting portions moving forward (Hyman, 1967).

He said the world (1985) how the movement of snails from one place to another, besides trying to walk alone can also be run by sticking on an object to follow the flow of water currents, sometimes intentionally brought man as happy to see good shape with a golden yellow color.

Predator and Techniques Used to Avoid

How long do Snails Sleep Beat Enemy

Snails is a very popular food resources by a variety of animals such as birds, turtles, red tail catfish, insects and alligators, so they have the ability to avoid the occurrence of such predation. The shape of the basic defense mechanisms of snails is an attempt to avoid predators that can detect it.

This technique is a technique of camouflage; shell color (brownish green) resembles vegetation and resembles a shell fracture pattern on the smaller, less noticeable on the twigs and stems of plants. Yellow color variation of snails can occur in snails are kept in an aquarium, it is not like snails that live in the wild.

Attack smaller predators such as insects and small fish is the entry into the body conch shell and close it by using the operculum (shell door). Snails also can wear their habits to cope with their tentacles eating prey, such as fish do some things to keep their heads and tentacles under their shells.

They also wiggle shell from one side to the other to repel insects and other harmful animals from the shell. Snails, do not always use the swing method, it is mainly on snails that live in soil.

Effective self-defense techniques described conducted for larger predators. The main defenses is by dropping down and bury themselves. In other words, when one of the snails leave a sign of danger, they eliminate their grasp and fell to the bottom, where they immerse themselves in a place or move slowly until they come into contact with objects such as stones or twigs and then closing with immerse himself.

Immerse yourself in the objects may be can using. Incorporation of self itself attention the support of the foot by rolling into the shell of the substrate with a time of 5-10 minutes snails can immerse themselves fully.

Vision is not an important mechanism in the snails to detect predators or danger. This is supported by the fact that the snails did not respond when light suddenly or in the presence of moving objects in the water.

A possible reason how long do snails sleep do not rely on vision possible with the limited image that can be seen with the eyes, with no distinguishing predator with other objects.

Sex Ratio

How long do Snails Sleep Beat Enemy

Sex ratio in the population of snails is in the range of 0.5, this means that there is equality between males and females. However sex ratio between the seed and varied population. Some egg masses gives almost all hatch as males, although the others are female.

This is the main reason why environmental factors affect the sex ratio of snails. For example, the temperature can cause the snail be male or female, as in the case of a crocodile (Anonymous).

Based on research (Yusa and Suzuki, 2003 in Anonymous) showed that the sex ratio as genetic determination. It shows that from the different spawning of a single pair showed little variation in sex ratio between the different seeds, although circumstances vary. It supports a genetic basis for sex determination. Unlike in humans, the snails presence


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