17+ Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Turn Boring into Attractive in 2019

The kitchen is a popular activity center in a house, but not everyone knows how to decorate it. 2019 pays more serious attention to memorable kitchen decorating ideas, from smart storage to high-tech kitchen. Get your inspirations from these 2019 kitchen trends.

1.      Eclectic Design


The eclectic design will continue to rise in 2019. People love the warmth of traditional design and the practical element of modernity. You can combine classic chandelier, for example, with geometric tile design and contemporary-style lamps or rug (for powder room).

2.      Eye-catching Smart Technology


More kitchen appliances now boast of smart technology. However, smart technology now becomes a prominent part of the kitchen. Smart microwave, fridge with LCD screen, and espresso machine with Wi-Fi are among the hottest techs for the kitchen.

3.      Variations of Wood


More people now want to have elements of nature at home. Using wooden texture in a kitchen creates a relaxing vibe. Instead of making it an accent, many modern designs apply it in most ornaments. For example, a wooden cabinet set may be paired with a wooden ceiling and floor.

4.      Small Vintage Accents


Vintage design aspects in 2019 kitchens don’t dominate, because they risk becoming boring and provincial. However, vintage accents can create a timeless look. The key is to choose vintage elements on functional things, like round pendant lamps or woven bar stools.

5.      Smart, Spacious Storage


Many people make storage space an afterthought in the kitchen, relying on regular cabinets to keep the goods. The new kitchen decoration trend makes the storage space bigger. However, the design becomes “smarter” to blend it with the entire kitchen.

6.      Open Shelving Concept


Open shelving concept becomes more popular in modern kitchen decorating ideas. Inspired by grocery stores and supermarkets (which use visible products as marketing tools), open shelving gives a bold decorative statement. You can place beautiful cutlery and porcelains in this shelf.

7.      Bright Color Splashes


2019 rejects a pure white kitchen with splashes of colors. Even if you cannot move from a white kitchen, you can add colors to make it more interesting. Red floor cabinets, colorful tile backsplash, or blue bar stools add a statement to your kitchen.

8.      Colorful Cabinets


Cabinets often have neutral colors like white or brown. However, modern cabinetries are not afraid of showing colors. You can decorate a simple kitchen with colorful cabinets, like red, green, blue, or even orange.

9.      Raw, Rustic Materials


2019 brings a different way to use rustic design elements. Instead of installing items that are just “looking rustic”, you actually use raw materials. Things like rustic stone bricks, natural stone sink, or repurposed wooden log as pillar/beam add characters to a kitchen.

10.  Unique Pendant Lamps


Modern kitchen pays attention to the lighting fixture. Unique pendant lamps will add characters to the simplest kitchen. You can find a wide range of lamp designs, from modern to Art Deco and even abstract.

11.  Matte Black Elements


Matte black surface adds strong character in a kitchen. Some people are brave enough to use matte black as the dominant shade. However, if it is too bold for you, try using it as decorative elements. Matte black looks good as an accent wall, cabinets, or floor.

12.  Leather/Wood Drawer Knobs


Say goodbye to boring, chrome/nickel drawer knobs and pulls. Now, you can find knobs and pulls made of nonmetal materials, like wood and leather. They create beautiful small accents in a modern kitchen.

13.  Large, Attractive Backsplash


Backsplash now gets as much attention as other main kitchen features. Instead of getting small, almost-hidden space, backsplash now covers almost the entire wall. Backsplash behind the stove has an additional function as an accent. If you have the budget, a large marble slab is a great option for the impressive backsplash.

14.  Hunter Green Domination


Colorful kitchens may dominate 2019, but there is one color that emphasizes this year: hunter green. Unlike millennial pink or lilac (the past years’ trend), hunter green has a demure and “mature” atmosphere. Using it as the dominant color will emphasize your kitchen’s elegance.

15.  Seamless Look


Instead of minimalistic, modern kitchens now go for a seamless look. This design presents clean lines and minimal amounts of bulks. The result is a “flat” and shiny surface that reduces the need for space. Using mirrored look for seamless cabinet doors will add the almost-futuristic look.

16.  Black Fixtures


Black kitchen (and bathroom) fixtures are becoming more popular in 2019. The black-coated metals create a unique look without being too decorative. Designers often pair black fixtures with contemporary white sinks, to emphasize the darkness.

17.  Gunmetal and Pewter Fixtures


Gunmetal or pewter is a subtler trending metal for kitchen fixtures. These materials are subtler than brass or bronze, but not as bold as matte black metal. They are perfect for a softer look (but not boring) in a modern kitchen.

These kitchen decorating ideas are trending in 2019, but their beauty will transcend the year. Try some of these ideas to create a dream kitchen that follows modern design trend.

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