Rosie posing for the camera. 

We would like to invite you to continue your support by becoming a Charter Member of Hope Elephants.


The girls are now fully established in their new home and we have started to implement a variety of therapies designed to make them more comfortable and increase their range of motion. You only have to see Rosie’s improved trunk function to know these therapies are succeeding! Your annual membership will allow us to:
  • Continue to develop therapies for captive elephants that will not only help Rosie and Opal but other captive elephants around the world.
  • Improve our physical facilities for both the elephants and our visitors.
  • Expand our collaborations with local school and education programs. 
  • Finish our resource guide for teachers and provide resources and support for educators in the United States and around the world. 
  • Link with organizations in the field to help conserve habitat and educate and support communities in elephant conflict areas. 

Elephants in Africa and Asia are at a crisis point —their future at severe risk. To their many friends and visitors, Rosie and Opal are ambassadors for their species and they educate and inspire—as we continue to focus on their care and treatment.

Hope Elephants is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Gifts are tax-deductible.

All members will receive a monthly e-newsletter and are invited to May Members week, with presentations ranging from pre-school classes to talks about ecology.. Please select your membership level below.

Calf (youth) Level

All elephant calves will receive a sticker of Rosie or Opal and a Hope Elephants membership card!

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Tusker (Adult) Level

All tuskers will receive a membership decal and an annual report from Hope Elephants!

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Herd (Family) Level

All of our elephant herds will receive a membership decal, an annual report, a Hope Elephants tote bag, and a 10% discount for online, in-store, and barn purchases!

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Matriarch Level

Our elephant matriarchs will receive all of the benefits of the other levels, plus an invitation to the annual "Matriarch Cocktail Party" at our elephant barn in Hope, ME!

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