19+ Stylish Design Trends for Modern Apartments in 2019

Modern Apartments – Apartment trends in 2019 are not about luxury, but “smart” design without losing the aesthetic.

Modern apartments, especially in crowded urban areas, need to make the owners feel comfortable without losing their functionality. Luckily, the effects can be achieved with smart designs.

Current Trends in Modern Apartments

The current popular trend for urban apartments uses creative design elements to save space. Bed platform, snug bed “nest,” and multipurpose furniture items are now common items. These elements are combined with clean lines and no-bulk furniture items.

Minimalist lifestyle also takes hold in the trend. You can experiment with colors, textures, and decorations. You can also evaluate your lifestyle and adjust the need for space in the apartment.

List of Design Ideas for Modern Apartments

Here are 19 ideas for modern apartments you should know:

1. Bedroom nook with short stairs


A small apartment with high ceiling has the potential for extra room in loft style. A “bedroom nook” can take up space from mid-wall to the ceiling. Short stairs give easy access to this sleeping space, giving more room for other activities.

2. Bed platform with extra space underneath


A “bed platform” consists of a hard panel with a strong support system, which “floats” above the floor. You can access the bed using a ladder. The extra space underneath can be used as working space or reading nook.

3. Transparent sliding doors


Instead of regular doors, glass sliding doors are better access tools between rooms, especially in urban apartments. They are quiet, don’t take up much space, and provide an airy look inside the apartment.

4. Mini kitchen corner


If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t always cook, why bother with the spacious kitchen? A mini apartment with busy occupant will get advantages from the mini kitchen. Wall cabinets help to save even more space in this mini-room.

5. Mesh panels for partitions


Mesh panels are great permanent partitions if you don’t like walls. They don’t obstruct the view and are light, but still, provide good separation between rooms.

6. Compact furniture items


Compact designs are new trends in the current minimalist lifestyle era. Things such as sofas, coffee tables, and bookshelves are free from unnecessary bulks. Emphasis on function also creates unique, “restrained” shapes.

7. Ceiling patterns


If patterned walls or floor make your apartment feel small, ceiling patterns can be the alternative. This current trend brings back the vintage molded ceiling designs from the ’20s, but with fresh twists.

8. Urban indoor gardens


Modern urban apartments can look alive and less stressful with indoor gardens. There are various creative ways to plant greens. Vertical boards, hanging baskets, or even mason jars on the walls work well.

9. Solid color trends


2019 sees the comeback of solid color trends for interior designs, with fresh twists from primary colors. Yellow, dark blue, and hunter green will dominate. However, secondary colors such as mango and violet still stay.

10. Multipurpose furniture


Multipurpose furniture now comes with trendy styles and designs. Some chairs can be turned into a daybed, classic sofa bed, and benches that serve as extra storage space.

11. Curved Shapes


Curved shapes also dominate design trends, from furniture items to decorations. Curves can lend elegance, quirkiness, or casualness. Furniture with curved ends is also a better option for a small urban apartment.

 12. Metal furniture


More modern furniture items now come with metal elements, from tables to bookshelves. They are durable, modern, and perfect to be paired with many styles. Metal is also more sustainable.

13. Antique/Art-deco elements for impacts


If a minimalist apartment is too simple for you, adding antique/Art-deco elements can improve it. Richly-patterned pillows, draped curtains, or chandelier will improve the simplest room. You can get a memorable design without adding too many items.

14. Concrete with natural elements


Concrete is a perfect material for those looking for durable apartment walls. Concrete even made it into bathroom trend. Some natural elements such as a wooden floor or vertical garden can “soften” the look.

15. Smart home technology


Smart home technology still sees rising popularity. High-tech products, such as motion-detecting sink faucet, Wi-Fi coffee machine, and bathroom mirror with installed LED light are now available widely.

16. Non-stainless metal elements


2019 design trends see the use of metal that is not always stainless. Metals such as brass or bronze give warmer touch for otherwise common furniture items, from the chandelier to kitchen cabinets.

17. Recycled materials


Sustainable designs are growing in popularity. Furniture and decorations from recycled wood, leather, or metal are now available widely. They make the apartment look unique, perfect for green living.

18. Movable walls


Flexible home elements such as movable walls make apartments more adjustable. You can arrange the living areas to suit any activities. They are perfect for a small apartment that requires creativity in living arrangement.

19. Seamless appliances


Kitchen appliances now become more seamless than ever. Induction stoves and integrated cabinets make your kitchen less bulky. The smart storage system also hides your supplies perfectly, but you still can reach them easily.

These ideas for modern apartments will make your urban dwelling feel cozy and spacious. Try adopting some or even all of them to achieve the trendy look!

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