Our Facility

Hope Elephants is located in Hope, Maine. We are often asked if elephants can tolerate the local climate and the answer is a resounding “yes.” Some of the world’s most respected sanctuaries, parks and elephant programs are in climates as cold or colder than coastal Maine, such as Syracuse, New York, Cleveland, Ohio, and Canada. Elephants live in surprisingly diverse environments and are able to adapt and acclimatize to cold temperatures.

Our elephant habitat consists of a barn designed and built for the express purpose of caring for elephants. The barn (52’ X 60’ with a vaulted ceiling) opens to a large outdoor paddock where our elephants roam varied terrain, including a mud wallow, orchard and shade trees. The light-filled barn with a radiant-heated floor is covered with a minimum of 8” of screened sand.

Hope Elephants provides state-of-the-art medical and physical therapy, and nutritional support. All care is administered by our committed and professional team of experienced elephant handlers and veterinarians.

Hope Elephants is fully certified and licensed, and meets or exceeds local, state and national standards.