17+ Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets for Luxurious Dining

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets – Placing a modern kitchen outdoor is a new trend in kitchen design. Outdoor kitchen cabinets, along with an outdoor stove, oven, and cute dining areas, symbolize the spirit of “glamorous camping.” You can enjoy fresh air and nature without abandoning cooking and eating, which are now considered as leisure activities.

Just like installing regular cabinets, you need to consider size, material, and design when choosing outdoor cabinets. Stainless is a common option, but you can install a different exterior, such as bricks, stones, concrete, wood, or even bamboo. It depends on the theme and the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Another element to consider is the weather. Consider the typical weather patterns in your area, and how they can affect your cabinets. It would help if you also thought about natural elements, such as moisture, wind, and dust. Appliance covers and some shade (such as canopy) can be useful to protect your appliances.

Here are some great outdoor kitchen cabinets to choose from:


1. Metal cabinets on the balcony


Have a large balcony for dining area? Install long metal cabinets against the railing, with the stove as the center. They go great with the view and balcony design.

2. Metal and brick combination


If you have a stone patio, try installing a metal cabinet with a brick exterior. The doors may still look like metal pieces, but the bricks can blend with the stone elements.

3. Poolside cabinets


A poolside kitchen gives a relaxing vibe in your backyard pool. Many materials go well with this splashing-prone spot, from stainless steel to natural stones.

4. Brick cabinets with traditional oven


Love making pizza outdoor? Combine traditional pizzeria’s brick oven with brick cabinets. Traditional and modern elements blend perfectly in a cozy dining spot.

5. Cabinets with marble countertops


Create the elegant look by adding marble countertops to your cabinets. You can choose marble slabs that have prominent patterns to create eye-catching elements. The cabinets can be stainless or have marble exterior.

6. Dark wood cabinets


Dark wood has an elegant look that is perfect for a luxurious dining spot. You may want to install them in an outdoor dining area with a roof, to protect the wood.

7. Mini patio cabinet


Have a small patio? A mini cabinet can snug cozily in one of the corners, complete with stove and oven. The other patio area can be used as an intimate dining spot.

8. Outdoor cabinets with bar table


The outdoor cabinets can double as a bar table. The table can be on a raised surface, while the cabinet is hidden at the lower part. There can also be a “divider” between the bar table and the cabinet/countertop area.

9. Stone cabinets with outdoor fire pit


Modern stone cabinets look great when built next to an outdoor fire pit. If combined with a stone patio and chairs, it will become a nice place to camp or have casual dining party.

10. Moroccan-style tile cabinets


Morocco’s colorful tiles can be turned into eye-catching outdoor cabinets. They can be combined with latticed wooden doors and stone/marble countertops with a solid color. The stove may have a similar backsplash and Moroccan-style wall molding.

11. Landscape garden cabinets


Cabinets (and the whole outdoor kitchen) can be integrated into the landscape garden. Pale, rustic stones can serve as the exterior to blend with the greens. Stone paths, garden beds, and shrubs create nice surroundings for modern kitchen appliances.

12. Bamboo cabinets


Bamboo cabinets are perfect for tropical retreats. The countertops may be hidden behind bamboo exterior, with pale stone countertops and bamboo racks. The countertops can also serve as a bar table.

13. Rooftop cabinets


If you have a flat roof, you can create a dining and cooking area with cabinets. Stone or stainless cabinets are great for rooftop, especially if there is minimal shade since the cabinets can get exposed by elements.

14. Unpolished hardwood cabinets

Unpolished hardwood creates the rustic but elegant look in a cabinet set. The natural grain patterns look great together with the surrounding environment. These cabinets will look even better if gardens or shrubs surround the outdoor kitchen.

15. L-shaped cabinets in a narrow backyard


The L-shaped cabinets are perfect for navigating awkward corners in a narrow area. They can be placed at the corner, with stove and dining area forming a “line.”

16. White concrete cabinets


White concrete is a “safe” option for cabinet materials, especially outdoor. It is hardy and able to withstand natural elements, such as rain and wind. It also looks great with various designs for outdoor/semi-open dining areas.

17. Terrazzo cabinets and countertops


Terrazzo is making a comeback for 2019, with unique blemishes that create a distinctive look. Terrazzo comes in various colors, but the recent trend sees more creative color experiments, such as salmon or yellow.

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39. Grill and Fire Pit Kitchen Cabines with Stone Bar

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41. Food Prep Station and Wood Storage

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43. Full Patio Kitchen Cabinets with Island

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Installing outdoor kitchen cabinets is a great idea to combine beauty with function. Create a posh outdoor area with one of these beautiful kitchen cabinet inspirations.


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