17+ Luxurious Kitchen Tile Backsplashes for 2019 Trends

Kitchen tile is no longer a simple feature to protect the wall from stains. Kitchen tile backsplashes now come in unique, even luxurious designs. Trendy backsplashes have a wide range of colors, patterns, and even materials. Make your kitchen more beautiful with elegant tile backsplashes. Here are inspirations to try in your next remodeling project. … Read more

17 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas in 2019 for Family Homes

Not all people with families can afford large, luxurious bathrooms. However, small bathroom ideas are perfect for families with kids or old people. Smaller size makes the bathroom safer and more accessible, and you can decorate it with a more intimate way. Here are 17 decorating ideas for small bathrooms. 1.      Dark, Exposed Plumbing Exposed … Read more

17+ Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Turn Boring into Attractive in 2019

The kitchen is a popular activity center in a house, but not everyone knows how to decorate it. 2019 pays more serious attention to memorable kitchen decorating ideas, from smart storage to high-tech kitchen. Get your inspirations from these 2019 kitchen trends. 1.      Eclectic Design The eclectic design will continue to rise in 2019. People … Read more

17+ Beautiful Bathroom Mirror Ideas Popular in 2019

Bathroom Mirror Ideas 8

The year 2019 sees the bathroom mirror as a main decorative element. Bathroom mirror ideas have more varied options than just simple squares. Safe bathroom mirrors must be made of tempered glass, and break into small, somewhat round pieces. Here are 17 ideas to consider for your bathroom. 1.      Mirror Gallery Making a “gallery” in … Read more

17+ Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Welcome 2019

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Unique lighting trends are now moving outside. Outdoor lighting ideas for 2019 combine unique designs, energy-saving technology, smart placements, and even unusual materials. These lights are not just illuminating porches, but also patios, gardens, seating areas, swimming pools, and docks. Try these ideas to create unforgettable lighting structures at your property. 2019 Trends for Outdoor … Read more

17+ Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Welcome 2019

Backsplash is more than a feature to protect the kitchen wall. Recent kitchen backsplash ideas show personality, mood, and unique design features. From full-wall design to geometric patterns and bold colors, modern backsplash designs are anything but boring. Emerging Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Consider Kitchen backsplash used to be uninteresting and bland because it was … Read more

17+ Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas and Trends for 2019

Kitchen Storage Ideas – The year 2018 still sees the popularity of smart, clutter-free kitchen, and this trend is likely to hold until 2019. Many designers came up with clever kitchen storage ideas to maximize space without cluttering. These designs apply creative, even unthinkable ways to use space in the kitchen. Why are Smart Kitchen Storage … Read more