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7 Red Star Chickens That Will Lay Lots of Egg for You

For many people the main reward of red star chickens is a fresh supply of eggs. I still remember strolling down to my poultries’ nesting boxes for the first time as well as picking up those cozy fresh eggs!

One point most beginners don’t recognize is that the breed of hen you obtain makes a significant influence on the amount of eggs you ought to expect to get each day.

Top 10 Best Egg Red Star Chickens

Red Star Chickens
Red Star Chicken by

Particular types, such as Japanese Bantams have a tendency not to lay eggs in all, whereas Hybrid chickens could lay greater than 280 eggs per year- almost an egg everyday.

Selecting the best type is vital if you desire fresh eggs all year long, so we’ve prepared a listing of our much-loved top 10 egg red star chickens.

1. Hybrid Red Star Chickens

Red Star Chickens Hybrid
red star chicken hybrid by

Red Star Chickens There are several crossbreed breeds as well as among the most common is referred to as the Golden Comet. Hybrids have actually been bred to lay huge amounts of eggs whilst just eating percentages of food. This makes them less expensive to feed than other breeds.

  • Eggs: You ought to anticipate for a normal hybrid hen to lay around 280 eggs annually. These eggs will certainly be medium sized and brown coloured.
  • Colour: Crossbreeds are normally a gold, brownish colour with soft white tail plumes.
  • Personality: They tend to be a extremely tough as well as durable poultry and also seldom ever before transform broody. If you are looking for a throughout the year egg layer who is easy to take care of, a Crossbreed poultry is most definitely the pick for you.

2. Rhode Island Red Star Chickens

Rhode Island Red Star Chickens

Rhode Island Red’s originated from America and are known as a ‘double function’ hens. This suggests they could be increased for either eggs or meat. They are among the most popular backyard chicken types due to the fact that they are tough as well as ordinary great deals of eggs.

  • Eggs: You ought to expect a young Rhode Island Red to lay 250 eggs a year. These eggs are brown as well as moderate sized.
  • Colour: Unlike their name, Rhode Island Reds in fact have black and brownish feathers providing a dark look.
  • Personality: They are greater than with the ability of looking after themselves, and also are popular for being tough. Rhode Islands are very friendly and are commonly selected by very first time poultry caretakers.

3. Leghorn

Leghoen Red Star Chickens

Any child that matured in the 50s or 60s will certainly recognize just what a Leghorn resembles from the popular TV program Foghorn Leghorn. Leghorns were brought to the States from Italy back in the 1800s and have actually made the perfect red star chickens since.

  • Eggs: They should lay around 250 eggs per year. These eggs will certainly be white as well as medium sized.
  • Colour: They are among one of the most special breeds going, with a complete white body and also a big thick red comb.
  • Personality: Whilst they would certainly still make a perfect pick for a novice, any person seeking to tame their poultries should not pick Leghorns as they are recognized for being difficult as well as shy to tame.

4. Sussex Red Star Chicken

Sussex Red Star Chickens

Like the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex is a ‘double purpose’ chicken which suggests they could be raised for either eggs or meat.

  • Eggs: A Sussex is quickly with the ability of laying 250 eggs a year. The colour of the eggs will certainly differ from brownish with to creamy white.
  • Colour: The Sussex type has 8 various colours, one of the most common one being a pure white body with black neck and tail plumes.
  • Personality: They are a really tranquil type that would happily totally free range in a yard without ruining it! If you desire a tame breed which would certainly eat from your hand the Sussex is for you.

5. Plymouth Rock

Plymourh Rock Red Star Chickens

The Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock) is an optimal choice for a very first time hen caretaker who is searching for a chicken that lays eggs approximately when every two days.

  • Eggs: A healthy and balanced Plymouth Rock must lay around 200 eggs a year. These eggs will certainly be tiny to medium sized and are a light brown colour.
  • Colour: They are predominately grey with white red stripes wrapping around their body.
  • Personality: Plymouths are a big bird that is much better suited to the cost-free array way of life. Like the Sussex they are extremely friendly birds that can conveniently be subjugated.

6. Ancona

Ancona Red Star Chickens

The Ancona is a small hen which originates from Italy yet is now much more common in the UK and also the United States.

  • Eggs: It will certainly lay about 200 eggs each year. These will be small white eggs.
  • Colour: In feather look, it looks extremely much like the Plymouth Rock except it is less than half the size.
  • Character: The Ancona isn’t a type to be picked as a pet. It is unreliable and will certainly need its feathers clipping usually as it’s well-known for flying out of chicken pens!

7. Barnevelder

Barnevender Red Star Chickens

The Barnevelder is a cross between the Dutch Landrace and also Oriental red star chickens. It is native to Holland as well as is recognized for its glossy feathers.

  • Eggs: It is capable of laying around 200 eggs per year. These eggs will certainly be small to medium sized and also a light polychromatic brownish colour.
  • Colour: The Barnevelder is predominantly a black hen with brownish tipped feathers.
  • Personality: This is a great garden bird that is better fit to a garden pen. It isn’t really a fantastic leaflet so you do not should worry about clipping their plumes.

Red Star Chickens at a Glimpse

Red Star Chickens 4 Week
Red Star Chicken 4 week by
  • Male and female chicks are various colours so you recognize what you’re obtaining.
  • Due to this they’re likewise called ‘red sex-linked’ chickens.
  • One of the most effective egg-layers ever before.
  • Maintains stocking all environments – both heat and cold forgiving.
  • Great foragers that like having the ability to free variety.
  • Friendly and curious, especially if handled from a young age.

Red Star Chickens History – when is a type not a breed?

Red Star Chickens Hot
  • Solution – when it’s a Red Star. These hens are hybrids – they have various breeds of dad and also mother and their own offspring will certainly never ever be ‘real to kind’.
  • They were created in the 1950s when backyard chicken-keeping was no longer as typical as previously. The general public wanted eggs and also to meet with need, industry precisely bred a crossbreed chicken to create the most variety of eggs whilst consuming the least quantity of food.
  • There are many different variants of types made use of to generate a sex-linked poultry. One of the most usual is a Rhode Island Red fowl with a Rhode Island White hen.
  • Two sex-linked or Red Star chickens could not be gone across to produce sex-linked chicks.
    Business caged red sex linked poultries

Just what do they appear like?

Red Star Chickens Family
  • Ladies and males can be told apart extremely quickly after hatching so you’ll never ever need to take care of a rooster (cockerel) unless you wish to.
  • Depending on the breeds used, male chicks are normally white or a really light yellow; women are a light brown.
  • This capacity to see gender at a beginning makes them the bird of option for lots of commercial fowl ranches that only desire the egg layers.
  • This is a brief video clip of a group of women and also male Red Star chicks at simply eventually old. You can see how very easy it is to compare them.
  • Female juveniles tend to undergo that “awkward” phase but will start to create very shades of brownish darkening to an abundant mahogany. This is an image of my first set of Red Stars at the age of regarding 17 weeks.
  • They came from a neighborhood breeder who maintained thousands of them in a barn, so they were not used to people or to freedom – you can see just how uncertain they were of their brand-new surroundings.
  • As adults, males stay white while females develop different tones of enthusiast or brownish, depending upon the details cross, with very white flecking. They on a regular basis have pale coloured or white feathering around their backside but can be completely brown.

Exactly what concerning personality?

Red Star Chickens Types
  • Usually gentle, tranquil, pleasant, sweet chickens that will certainly permit themselves to be gotten as well as cuddled.
  • They don’t such as over-attentiveness, though – this is not a chicken that likes to be cuddled.
    Constantly curious as well as really energetic, they like to check out the world outside their run.
  • Happiest when foraging for pests, they will eat essentially anything and value absolutely nothing more than regular treats!
  • When they’re satisfied with a gentle purring sound, they have a guaranteed language of their own as well as will let you recognize.

Egg production

Red Star Chickens Egg
  • This sort of poultry is the result of going across one breed with another for the specific objective of egg-laying and for that reason, they’re one of the most respected layers around.
  • A typical Red Celebrity/ red sex-linked poultry will start laying earlier compared to others – seventeen to nineteen weeks is not uncommon.
  • Their eggs are a standard light brown colour and frequently fairly huge – I’ve had eggs averaging around 5 oz to some at regarding 8 oz – comparable to a medium/ big shop-bought egg (but obviously far tastier as well as healthier!).

Good points

Red Star Chickens Good Point
  • Exceptionally great egg-layers.
  • Able to be sex-linked from one day old so you constantly recognize whether you’re obtaining a man or lady.
  • Very durable birds, they will continue to lay even in very warm or extremely chilly extremes of temperature.
  • Typically healthy and balanced hens which do not yield quickly to infection.
  • Interested and also pleasant, they’ll endure taking care of by youngsters – specifically if they bring deals with!

Any kind of issue locations?

Best Red Star Chickens
  • These poultries like to check out as well as they will certainly aim to fly when they can, so they could be difficult to maintain in a run unless there’s a high fence – and even then, they’ll have a go!
  • For additional information concerning exactly how my very own Red Celebrity women flew right into risk, take a look at this page (it will open up in a new window so you could come back right here when you’re finished).
  • In a restricted room they could become conveniently tired, so you should have something to keep them inhabited if you want to avoid pecking within the flock.
  • They don’t take well to other hens being presented right into the group as well as could end up being unrelenting in their intimidation. This requires managing with care.
  • They do additionally tend to eat quite a great deal which, offered how many eggs they lay, is not unexpected! Providing cost-free array to forage for some food aids.

Avoid Red Celebrity chickens if

Red Star Chickens Color
  • You’re planning to maintain a poultry in your house or other confined space.
  • You would have troubles with either putting an internet over the top of your run to stop them flying out, or clipping their wings – you’ll need to do one or the various other.
  • You desire eggs which are much more vibrant compared to the common light brownish range.
  • You like your plantpots to look wonderful – like many hens, Red Stars love to dust wash anywhere they can!

Red Celebrity poultries will certainly match you if

Red Star Chickens Meat
  • You do not intend to run the risk of having a fowl in your group.
  • You want a dependable egg-layer.
  • You live in an extremely warm or a very chilly environment – they will deal with either.
  • You want to have poultries that forage for some of their food.
  • You would like to have chickens who will be friendly without being over-clingy!

Where to buy

  • As with any kind of poultry, you need to make sure you purchase from a trustworthy person to ensure that the group is disease-free.
  • Some hatcheries do sell Red Star/ sex-linked chicks.
  • Never ever purchase from web sites such as e-bay or Craigslist. There are some genuine vendors there, but a lot more who will certainly offer you sterile eggs or chicks from the incorrect cross-breeds.
  • Chicken publications could be a great resource of individuals offering eggs locally to you.


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