How to Get More Eggs from Your Red Star Chickens

Red Star Chickens – Most people raise red star chickens for fresh eggs supply. It is the sole purpose. Everyone who raised these chickens knows the feeling of collecting those warm and fresh eggs for the first time.

However, there is one thing often beginners are unknown regarding the huge impact between the chicken breed and the number of eggs that is expected from them on per day basis. It really depends on what breed you got.

There are specific breeds like Japanese Bantams which tend to not lay eggs by any means but these red stars have the sheer ability to lay an impressive total of 280 eggs on a yearly basis. That means an egg per day.

There, it is crucial to choose the precise breed for the supply of fresh eggs throughout the year. So this article will deal with the information regarding these red stars.

Designer or The Poultry Realm’s Mutt

Red Star Chickens
Red Star Chicken by
  • Red Star Chickens is genetically engineered to lay eggs and is very popular among the commercial egg layers. The question follows about them being good enough for the backyard.
  • Personally, I will always have some sort of niche for Red Stars because they remind me of my first venture as an egg supplier. Even now I include some of these chickens in my bird flock. They need effortless care, can be handled easily and are exceptional consistent egg layers.

 Glimpse of Red Star Chickens

Red Star Chickens
  • You can separate male with female chicks as they are of different colors. So you exactly know what you’re paying for.
  • Due to this, these chickens are also popularly dubbed ‘Red sex-linked’.
  • You cannot deny the egg producing capacity of these chickens – among the best out there.
  • These chickens are weather tolerant and can lay eggs where the climate is hot or cold.
  • They are fine foragers that love free ranging.
  • These chickens can really be curious as well as friendly if they are handled from early stages.

Look and Features

Red Star Chickens Egg
  • Males can be separated from females instantly upon hatching so you won’t have to necessarily compare with a cockerel. You can but if you think so.
  • According to the breeds, male chicks usually are a white or very light shade of yellow while females are usually lighter brown in colour.
  • The ability to separate their genders during their young years makes them the choice birds for numerous viable poultry farms. They are particular in need of the egg producers.
  • Female chickens go through a ‘gawky’ stage. Over time, they begin developing pretty dark brown shades to rich reddish-brown.
  • These chickens were first kept by a local chicken breeder who used to keep them in the barn that was hundreds in numbers. They were less used to humans or freedom. One can easily pinpoint their insecurity about their new environment.
  • As they develop into adults, males don’t change much in color while various shades of brown start to appear in females. Most of these chickens have pale white or light feathering on their backside while some may have complete brown shades.


Golden Red Star Chickens
  • Red Stars are usually gentle, friendly, composed and sweet and allow humans to pick up or pet them.
  • However, they don’t like to be focused too much. They don’t quite like humans to cuddle with them.
  • They are always curious as well as incredibly active. They tend to make a run out of their surroundings.
  • They are most happy foraging bugs and eat anything that goes. They really appreciate the regular treats more than anything.
  • They communicate in a definite set of language. They really know how to communicate with humans and let know of their happy mood by making a subtle purring sound.

Egg Production

Red Star Chickens Egg
  • Red Star Chickens are the outcome of crossing between two chicken breeds for the sole purpose of laying more eggs. For this specific reason, they are among the most prolific chickens out there.
  • These are a typical chicken and starts laying eggs more early than others. By earlier it means 17-19 weeks which is quite extraordinary in a chicken’s world.
  • Moreover, their eggs tend to be often larger and are of standard brown of a lighter shade. Their eggs usually average about 5 oz – 8 oz which is a large-sized egg equivalent found in the market. Don’t ever doubt the taste and healthiness.

Good Points

Red Star Chickens Egg Quality
  • Red Stars are extremely good when it comes to egg laying.
  • You can recognise the genders immediately from the starting day. So you know which you’re getting – males or females.
  • They maintain to lay eggs whether the climate is cold or hot. There is no winter or summer. You can expect eggs from them – no shortage in supply throughout the year.
  • They are generally healthy bunches and don’t easily gets infected.
  • They are most curious and very friendly even children could handle them – especially when treats are provided


Red Star Chickens Problems
  • They do like to explore so they will try flying away when the right moment strikes. So it can be difficult to contain them if you find them running but you can always keep an elevated fence which they also try to give a go.
  • They become bored quite easily in a limited space. You are going to have them keep occupied with something. Otherwise, they peck each other in the flock.
  • Red Stars won’t respond with a good welcome when a new chicken is introduced to the flock. Believe me, they are relentless bullies. Handle the issue with care.
  • These chickens eat a lot which seems very natural for productive egg layers

Avoid Red Star Chickens if?

Red Star Chickens Hot
  • You are planning on keeping chickens within the apartment space you’re living or other cramped space.
  • It would be a problem for you to put a net on your run for avoiding chickens flying out and snapping their wings. One thing needs to be done.
  • You fancy eggs that are colourful in comparison to the typical light brown ones.
  • You fancy nice looking plant pots. Unlike typical chickens, the Red Stars are keen on dust bathing anywhere they find.

Red Star Chickens Will Suit You if?Red Star Chickens Family

  • Risk of including a rooster to your flock bothers you.
  • You desire for a dependable egg-layers.
  • You reside in an extremely hot or cold climate. No need to worry as they can adapt easily.
  • You fancy having chicken that forages for little of their eats.
  • You are keen on keeping hens that are friendly and not very clingy to their owners.

Where to Buy?Red Star Chickens Types

  • Like any poultry, it is required to ensure you purchase from a reliable and person who is in the field for a long time. In turn, it makes sure your flock will be free from contaminations and infections.
  • Several hatcheries also sell these chickens or sex-linked chickens.
  • You are recommended not to buy from online ever which includes E-bay or the Craigslist. However, there are few authentic retailers out there but most of them sell infertile eggs and chicks from chicken species you don’t want.
  • Poultry magazines are a very reliable as they provide the list of authentic dealers who sell eggs that are near your location.

QualitiesRed Star Chickens Egg

ubilio.comBoth Red, as well as Black Star chickens, is good for any use. The hens are exceptional egg layers and only slow down during the cold weather while the roosters are fantastic dinner. Both males and females are great for presentation shows but the one thing that makes them stand out is they are great for breeding. They are exploited for breeding a precise quality you want for the later generation of chicks.

TemperamentRed Star Chickens Good Point

chickenforbackyards.comRed Stars are not a handful and easy to be with. They’re the friendliest when it comes to chickens and are reliable at egg laying. They are also the sex link breed which makes tougher, unlike other typical chickens. They have a great tolerance level that it’s surprising.

AppearanceBest Red Star Chickens

permies.comAppearance wise, they fill the fair standard and has a tiny red comb on top of their head, tiny red wattles, along with red in the region around their eyes. Their tails are okay in figure with a simple carriage.

These Red Stars develop to have most red colouring and the Black Stars are obviously black. Roosters of red star breed are white along with reddish and brownish splotches in places. Roosters of Black Stars seem fairly similar to that of Barred Rock roosters’ appearance.

UpkeepRed Star Chickens Color

busybantamsandhybridhens.comStar chickens are much simpler and not much specific instructions are tagged. Only the basic things are required such as chicken run, coop along with some chicken food. If you

want to exploit them for the breeding purpose, you might want to buy specific kinds of coops. Other than that, they are easy to upkeep.

HistoryRed Star Chickens Meat

woodstocksanctuary.comThese Stars aren’t really a very precise chicken breeds. APA states that they’re actually only a sex link breed, intended initially to breed only specific chicken to get colouring or qualities a fancier is really keen on to produce.

For Red Star chicken, you may tag the female Delaware along with the male Rhode Island Red and for Black Star chicken, tag the Barred Plymouth Rock female along with the same male chicken.

How to Keep Red Star Chicken Egg Production High

Red Star Chickens High Production

It’s not the safest thing to assume Red Star chickens will surely lay as many eggs just because they are the laying kind of breed.

There are numerous things that affect the number of eggs chickens will lay which includes diet, age along with daytime exposure.


Red Star Chickens Age.jpg

When Red Stars grow older they stop laying the number of eggs like when they were younger. The first is always the best for a chicken in terms of laying eggs. Once they reach the third year, the number of eggs slows down.

For instance, if a chicken had a run of 250 eggs during the first year, they will only give 160 eggs in the third year. It is a natural process so you can’t help it.


Red Star Chickens Diet

Each day, chicken is to be fed almost 20 grams protein so they can keep giving eggs. Without protein, they will not lay as many eggs.

You might want to feed your chickens more layers pellets so they are taking in lots of protein. They are manufactured for the sole purpose to provide key minerals and the nutrients which hens need.


Red Star Chickens Daylight

After a good quality diet, daylight exposure is the most needed factor for laying eggs. Chickens require at least half a day worth of daylight exposure. Failing to do so, results in a limited number of eggs. For this, let them out in the early dawn as soon as possible.

Since you won’t be having much sunlight exposure during the cold season many farmers make use of non-natural lighting to make their chickens keep laying eggs. However, keep in mind that chickens to need downtime to recover.


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