How to Take Care Red Tail Catfish

Red tail Catfish is a tropical fish, which means it avoids extreme temperatures conditions. It enjoys a temperature in the range 20 up to 26 degrees celsius (68 -79 degrees Fahrenheit). Therefore, if you live in areas that are not located in the average temperature mentioned above you need to apply water heater.

Avoid changing temperatures too fast, because such conditions will make fish stressed out. Then keep the acidity of the air between pH 6.0 and 7.5.

How to Take Care Red tail Catfish In Aquarium

Redtail Catfish

Red tail Catish can achieve  of 120 cm. In the first year, it can reach 60 cm length. To grow it in the aquarium, you must provide large space aquarium. You need aquarium 360 cm x 240 cm x 120 cm. you have to concern the size of the aquarium mentioned above is only for growing a single Redtail Catfish.

you need to prepare bigger size of the aquarium in case you want to grow more than a single Redtail Catfish. It is better that you have prepared the large aquarium from the start than only the size for only a small single fish, Until then you Because this fish tend to grow rapidly. Fish will experience stress conditions, illness and even death (although it israrely occurred).

Red tail Catfish Filtration System

Best Redtail Catfish

The filtration system (either biological or physical) is also required, because there will be various kind of bacteria that live in the aquarium. Filtration becomes very important with the growth of fish that is getting larger and has a big appetite.

Whereby, dirt from the rest of the secretion process will be plentiful in the tank. The content of ammonia and nitrite will be high. This will result directly in changes in water pH. Therefore we must keep the content of ammonia and nitrite levels in the water tank close to 0% and a pH of 6.0 and 7.5.

Water Substitution Process

Best Redtail Catfish Short

Replacing water also need to be done regularly and routinely. At least 3 times in a week. Replace 15% of the water with a new fresh water. If you use tap as water source, the water should be placed in a bucket for a night. So that the chlorine contained on the water tank settles at the bottom.

Use only the water at the top as the water substitution. There are cases where the tap water contains chlorine and chloramine. Both substances are harmful for fish. To neutralize it, we can use reagent.

Red tail Catfish Shelter Size

Redtail Catfish Size

For the tiny Redtail Catfish, you can provide hiding places in the aquarium. you may use santigi wood, as homes and hideouts of Redtail Catfish. Beside the shape is beautiful,  it will sink to the bottom tank, and it is also safe for the fish.

When fish is getting bigger, accessories in the aquarium should be reduced (eliminated), it makes the fish get more space to move. In addition, large-bodied fish can move / push the accessories that are in the aquarium, of course this is not what you want, is it?

Avoid Small Accessories That Can Be Eaten by Red tail Catfish

 Redtail Catfish Aquarium

Red tail Catfish is known to have wide mouth. He was able to swallow a fish with the size of three times of his size. Seeing this condition, you should avoid small accessories in the tank, because Red tail Catfish can be easily swallowed.

It is dangerous for the fish, it can even cause death. If you wish to use for basic aquarium accessories, use sand or small gravel (smooth). Both are safe for these fish.

Another thing to avoid is placing anything made of glass in the tank, such as a heater and a thermometer. As explained above, Redtail Catfish be easily brought disorder to the objects.

If the broken glass hurt the body of a fish, or even ingested, it will be fatal. Death is invitable.

Red tail Catfish How

The Ideal Aquarium Filter to Apply is sump filter. The material of the filter can be both the glass or acrylic, which has thickness of at least half inch, if it is less than that, it is reluctant to be cracked by redtrail catfish body.

On the top, close the Aquarium with the heavy cover.if not, you may find the one morning your catfish is dying on the floor . sometimes this fish jump out from the aquarium in the night time.

Feed Your Red Tail Catfish Sufficiently

Red Tail Catfish Replica

You must not feed Red tail Catfish excessively. For young fish, it is enough to feed one time in a day. For fish aged 2 years or more. You just give fodder about twice a week. Red tail Catfish will eat whatever you give in large amounts. If these conditions prevail there are two loss that you would get.

First, the fish feed will regurgitate partially eaten. This will make the water conditions are not ideal (gross). The second is if the fish eat and swallow whole feed given excess, the fish will be too large. for the long term, this is not good. because the fish will be susceptible to obesity and health problems.

Most Aquaris, Redtail Catfish owners combine with some other ornamental fish. better than other catfish species, Knifefish (belida), snakehead fish (cork and so on. 

This treatment is legitimate. But what must be remembered is the Redtail Catfish are carnivores, place the fish that are relatively the same, and the size of the body is not much different.

If you place the fish that are smaller alongside with your redtail catfish, the life of a small fish that just had its day. Redtail Catfish will eat everything, especially for fish that has slow movement.

If you place the bigger fish than your redtail catfish, the opposite from what described above next the thing will occur your redtail catfish will become the victim, if a larger fish are predators.

Conclusion How to Take Care Red tail Catfish

Short Body Red tail Catfish

From the description above, you would assume that Maintains Redtail Catfish are not simple. you need the extra money for the electricity used to filter and heater, the cost of food will be increasingly growing in line with the growth of the fish that getting bigger.

In addition of course, you must provide a large enough space for the fish. especially if you are planning for long-term maintenance. Money, time and effort the important part that you should consider to keep this fish.

Many keepers of Redtail Catfish, found their fish die due to various reasons. Electricity is cut off, excess feeding, and the dirty water tank, too narrow space, they often cause the death of Redtail Catfish.

Boredom too often descend preserver Redtail Catfish. Once the fish reach a large size with a variety of obstacles, many keepers directly donated Redtail Catfishnya.

However it is also not easy, because not everyone likes large fish. Moreover sells in size besar.sebagian fans stuck with zoom dazzling, when Redtail Catfish are small.

The idea to breed these fish by yourself also needs to consider once again. this fish is difficult to breed. Little information that there are people who breed this fish intensively, especially for commercial scale.

Redtail Catfish require a large place and it refers to their natural habitat in the wild,  Only the large farmers who have managed to do this stage.

History Of Red Tail Catfish

Pirarara Red tail Catfish

Redtail Catfish, hemioliopterus phractocephalus first introduced by Bloch and Schneider in 1801, under the name Silurus hemioliopterus.

In 1829, Agassiz introduce a fish with bicolor phractocephalus name, or phractocephalus two colors. In fact, they’re talking about two of the same fish. Until finally in 1840 the name of this fish turned into phractocephalus hemioliopterus.

A few years later, Retail catfish are found also in Thailand. Redtail Catfish Thailand is said to be different from the Redtail Catfish are derived from South American waters. Morphologically they have a little difference, up to some new, it will be difficult to find it. The scientific name for different.

But you tell us that actually Redtail Catfish are located in Thailand-even taste of South America. They were brought to Thailand some 30 years ago from Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname, through the ornamental fish trade.

Which makes it attractive to be maintained in the aquarium is unique because of its color, half black, half white, the motif on the head to the back and a bright red tail. So they began to rage in those days.

However, due to its rapid growth, up more than 60cm can be reached within one year of maintenance, Aquaris Thailand began to encounter obstacles Redtail Catfish, aquarium maintenance.

Amazon Red tail Catfish

The solution is to throw the fish into rivers and lakes. Since then some waters in Thailand inhabited by Red tail Catfish. Even later, we often find the information that the enthusiast-bream fishing enthusiast from foreign countries, many flock to Thailand and managed to get Red tail Catfish in nature more than 1 meter. However, there has never been a notice that it is able to breed fish in the waters of Thailand.

In the Wilderness, these fish are used to living in solitary. Murky origin on the river, he swam and hunts alone. It’s believed that Red tail Catfish are not able to hunt prey by using the instructions on the sense of vision. They follow prey by following the instructions of chemicals left behind by potential prey.

In addition Red tail Catfish detect the presence of the candidate prey using electrical sensors. This is known as chemoreceptors, which is spread evenly on the skin. It works just like a tongue that sense and distinguish the taste of various chemicals.

It also explains why Red tail Catfish stop eating when changing the skin. During this period chemoreceptors not functioning. At the turn of their skin is often found floating blob of mucus is transparent.

Red tail Catfish males have a red tail more than their females. he is the kind of fish that reproduce by means of laying eggs and conduct external. Until he needs a continuous flow of water and air temperature of 70 to 75 F.

In the wild, these fish are known to grow up to reach 2m to achieve the weight of 100kg. And there is information (not documented) that there Redtail Catfish and weighs approximately 320kg.

Red tail Catfish, pretty giant catfish

Red tail Catfish Wallpaper

Red tail catfish or Red-tailed Catfish, is a species of freshwater fish. The scientific name of this fish is Phractocephalus hemioliopterus. Redtail catfish is one type of catfish were wonderful. Half of the fish’s body is dark brown, the upper part from the head to the base of the tail.

Half her body is white, ie starting from the bottom of his mouth up to the base of the tail. The most beautiful part of this fish is – as the name suggests of course on the tail. He has a bright red tail.

The uniqueness of Redtail catfish is at the head to the base of the dorsal fin, filled with beautiful batik patterns. morphologically, these fish are really worthy of large size ornamental fish.

Originally Redtail Catfish are of the waters of South America. It is often found in hollows along the Amazon, Orinoco and Essequibo. In addition, fish is also found in lakes or rivers in Thailand. But no distinguishing features Redtail catfish native to South America from Thailand (Asia).

Fish from Thailand have gray backs color bright, brighter than Redtail Catfish South American origin. The scientific name of Red tail Catfish are Hemibagrus wyckioides Thailand origin.

Red tail Catfish spent more time in the bottom waters (including diaquarium). In line with the older age and a big man, he became less active. Even tend to perform activities in the evenings.
In the wild the main food is, the smaller fish (even able to pounce fish that only one-third smaller than its body).


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