Fresh and Stylish Small Bathroom Remodel Add Storage Ideas [B/A]

Small Bathroom Remodel – As bathrooms go, the bathroom in Lauren’s Brooklyn Heights workshop had not been in the worst shape. Aesthetically, it wasn’t much to compose house about (and the weird, alien sink seemed all set for departure), however we’ve seen a lot worse.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas Before and After

Small Bathroom Remodel

The real problem in this small bathroom remodel was storage space. As in, there wasn’t any type of. So while redesigning her apartment, Lauren chose to take on the bathroom also, with the goal of transforming it right into a brighter, a lot more modern day room and also one with a great deal much more storage space.

Small Bathroom Remodel Before

A collection of subtle adjustments have actually made a big distinction in Lauren’s new small bathroom remodel. As opposed to wrapping ceramic tile right around the walls, the decision was made to just utilize ceramic tile in the shower, which provides the area a lighter appearance.

Small Bathroom Remodel After

Small Bathroom for New Spaces

Likewise contributing to the new space’s airier, extra open feel is the glass panel which replaced the old shower drape.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The largest modification, however, in regards to performance, is the replacement of the old open vanity with a Kohler cupboard, which has cabinet area under the sink and 3 drawers. (I, as well, have a small bathroom remodel, and drawers are the type of vanity storage I desire for. That does not love cabinets?).

Bathroom Designs Ideas

Small Bathroom Remodel Design

The light eco-friendly floor tile on the sides and front of the bathtub offers this contemporary bathroom a hint of subtle color. The recessed lights in the shower enhances the impact, and also makes this little area feel brighter general.

Lauren is fairly delighted with the new iteration of her bathroom designs. In her words: “It seems like a mini-spa.” And it’s not just a beautiful area– thanks to the vanity switch, it’s likewise a lot extra useful.

Lauren located her specialist on Sweeten, a complimentary solution matching property owners with neighborhood basic service providers. You can find out more about the task, see even more pictures, and also find sources on the Sweeten blog.

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