Types of Guppies in The World and Caring [With All Different]

Types of Guppies – Guppies are a really easy-to-breed fish types. They likewise adjust rapidly to their atmosphere as well as this is just what makes them ideal for newbie aquarists.

They do not call for special living conditions as well as ideal food is very easy to discover and also really economical, so their maintenance is really cost-effective likewise.

They could be discovered in any type of guppies shop that sells exotic fish as well as come in a wide range of shapes and shades.

As for the primary classifications, there are expensive guppies, kept for displaying their beautiful colors, as well as feeder guppies, used as food for larger carnivorous fish, like angelfish, Piranhas, and also others.

Breeders are regularly aiming to create new ranges with discerning reproduction, so it is extremely difficult to have a full checklist types of guppies, yet some details functions could still categorize them: color, pattern, and fin type.

Types of Guppies by Color

Types of Guppies

Males are usually a lot more vibrantly colored compared to females, a main compare various genders. There are several strains based on the main coloration, including metal, albino, and uni-colors.

Metal Guppies get their metal shades from special pigmented cells, Iridophores. These cells reflect the shade of their environments instead of having their very own strong shade and develop an iridescent effect.

Solid colored Guppies are the most typical strain with environment-friendlies, blues, reds, as well as yellows being one of the most readily available.

This category also includes the recently created Moscow strains (like Moscow eco-friendlies or Moscow purples), where fish are of the same solid shade, yet their bodies are huge and sturdy.

Albino Types of Guppies are recognized by their red eyes as well as absence of black melanin. They still come in many colors, specifically reds as well as yellows.

Types of Guppies by Patterns

Types of Guppies by Pattern

Patterns are another distinguishing mark of the types of guppies strains. They could be located on the body or fins, and include Tuxedo, Cobra, Snakeskin, Leopard, Mosaic, or Lace.


Snakeskin Guppies have a vertical chain-link pattern over the base color of the body, but specific rosettes can likewise be put arbitrarily across the body. The stripes in some cases look like those of a tiger.

Cobra Guppies have horizontal red stripes, sometimes combined with rosettes. The chaining is normally likewise horizontal as well as the base color is typically strong.

Tuxedo Guppies have actually bodies split in two various colors. The upper one is lighter, normally white or yellow, while the reduced one is really dark, often extremely close to or even black.

They are additionally called Half-Black Guppies. The fins as well as tail are generally another color such as white or red.


Leopard tail guppies have round areas on their tails, resembling leopard coats, while the body may be a strong shade or have a cobra or snakeskin pattern.

Lawn tails have tiny places, looking like the Leopard selections, however the spots are much smaller sized. This pattern usually has an extremely consistent appearance.

Mosaic tails reveal an irregular connection of darker and also lighter areas. Fish with solid body shades have the tendency to have thicker lines, while snakeskin or cobra selections normally have thinner red stripes on their tails.

Lace, frequently seen on guppies with the Snakeskin pattern, displays a sheer, web-like pattern on the tail. This pattern looks like the Mosaic one, with lines being extremely thin and also looking almost like a puzzle.

Fin Types

Throughout succeeding selective reproduction, several distinct tail shapes could be created. Names could vary depending on the region they are located in, however generic labels include Fan, Delta, and Veil tails, flared, triangular-shaped, sword tails (including dual sword as well as leading or bottom sword).

Lyre tail, which is a mix in between the double sword as well as Delta tails, Pin/Needle tail, Spear tail, acknowledged by a pointy middle prolongation, and also round tail guppies.

Types of Guppies For Everyone

What do Guppies Eat Often

As guppies come in all forms and shades, along with many pattern mixes, by locating these features in many combinations, you could actually discover an enticing guppy.

If not, you could try reproducing fish with the functions you like, until locating the ideal guppy. You could also aim to give them away and sell them if you think you can do finest while breeding, as ones you find more or less appealing could absolutely bring in the eye of other people.

Whether you wish to show them or simply maintain them as pet dogs, types of guppies are rather remarkable fish and also really simple to take care of, so you could provide it a shot as well as prepare to be impressed by genes.

Types of Guppies

Types of Guppies

There are so many types of guppies that it’s challenging to provide them all, and dog breeders are regularly working to develop brand-new varieties at all times.

If you have actually ever before checked out a pet dog store as well as admired the various kinds of guppies you saw there, it may shock you to recognize that you’ve likely only seen a fraction of the selections these fish been available in. Learn more concerning them.

Guppy Species


Inning accordance with the Encyclopedia Brittanica, guppies are a member of the Poeciliidae family members. In this family, you’ll locate:

  • Poecilia reticulata – This is the common guppy, as well as this name is extensively accepted as the right name for the types, although it is sometimes referred to as Poecilia (Lebistes) reticulatus by some taxonimists.
  • Poecilia wingei – This is also called the Endler guppy. It’s carefully pertaining to the common guppy as well as consequently able to hybridize with it although the majority of enthusiasts think each varieties need to be kept pure. These fish are not discovered in pet stores as typically as the usual guppy, however they are available.
  • Micropoecilia picta – This is a smaller member of the Poeciliidae household that resides in brakish waters.

An Overview of Different Types of Guppies

Guppies have actually been a fave of pastime dog breeders for decades, and also many different kinds have been developed through the years.

These “types” are additionally described as “strains” by leisure activity dog breeders when a specific collection of features begins to reproduce true.

When you begin to blend and also match all the feasible attributes that are located in these fish, it’s easy to understand why there is such an unbelievable range to pick from.

Besides the fact that guppies are sexually dimorphic, which implies you can tell the men and also women apart simply by considering them, there are three major characteristics that identify one type of guppy from the following.

  • Shade – This includes body shade in addition to fin color, given that both may be different.
  • Pattern – This consists of body pattern as well as tail pattern since both could differ.
  • Fin type – There are several unique fin types which you can check out in the graph below.


Guppies are available in nearly every shade. Some even been available in metallic colors. Metal guppies, as they are often described, have a certain luster since they have cells called iridophores.

Iridophores are literally color cells that have no color of their very own as well as instead mirror light off their mirrored platelets.to produce an irridescent effect.

Guppies could additionally lug different colors on the upper and also lower portions of their bodies.

The upper portion of the body, that includes the head as well as text, is generally lighter in shade, such as a light grey.

Actually, this grey is possibly the most dominant body color in the types, however you’ll also find some gold as well as platinum bodies, as well as albinos.

The thinner, back section of the body that leads into the tail is in some cases a various color from the remainder of the body.


Some guppies are strong colored, while others display various body patterns.

Body patterns include:

  • Tuxedo – In this pattern, the front and also back fifty percents of the body are in fact two various shades. The light top body color and also the darker lower body color are remniscent of a tuxedo suit, especially in the half black varieties.
  • Cobra – This pattern consists of some upright disallowing in addition to rosettes.
  • Snakeskin – This pattern additionally has some rosettes, but it looks even more like a chain-link pattern presented throughout the base shade.

Guppy tail fins could be solid-colored, yet they could also come in different patterns that make them look fairly exotic.

It’s interesting to keep in mind that patterns often go by various names in various areas. The pattern names noted below are several of one of the most typical.

Tail patterns include

  • Leopard – This pattern covers the fin in a series of spots that look vaguely just like leopard places.
  • Mosaic – This pattern is comprised of areas that link to one another to create a somewhat irregular pattern.
  • Lawn – This pattern is better than the leopard pattern and is called lawn since the small dots resemble lawn seed.
  • Shoelace – This is a fine, web-like tail pattern. It happens usually on guppies that bring the snakeskin pattern on their bodies.

Tail Fin Types

Careful breeding has actually led to the development of a variety of unique tail kinds. The graph below offers a clear view of different ranges that are presently offered.

Although each type of tail is identified below, you’ll still find that the very same kind of tail may go by a different name in one more region. So much variety is a good idea, yet it can get a little complex sometimes.

Red Eye Guppies

While many guppies have dark eyes, some actually have red eyes, There are two sorts of red-eyed guppies.

  • Genuine Red Eye (RRE) – These are normal-colored guppies that have red eyes. In a lot of circumstances, they tend to be a little on the tiny side, although breeders are working to develop larger, a lot more energetic strains.
  • Genuine Red Eye Albinos (RREA) – These guppies have a little paler red eyes, as well as they lack melanin, makings them real albinos.

There’s a Guppy to Please Everyone

Guppies are available in every shade of the rainbow, in mixes of shades along with different patterns and also tail kinds.

When you take into consideration that all of these attributes could be located in pracitcally unlimited mixes, there’s bound to be a minimum of one guppy that pleases the eye every individual.

Whether you want breeding as well as showing guppies or you simply intend to maintain some as animals, you’re going to locate at least a couple of kinds that really attract you. Guppies are simple to look after, so don’t wait to provide a try.

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