17 Wall Décor Ideas You Will Often See in 2019

Wall trends keep changing due to their prominence in the house. Wall décor ideas in 2019 show the rising trend of new elements and colors, but there are also old design aspects resurfacing. 2019 trend also brings a fresh take on house walls. Using metal as wall designs, for example, has spread to personal homes, not just commercial buildings.

Looking for wall inspirations? These 17 ideas can be your first step.

1.      Bold Geometric Patterns


The new wall pattern trend is bold and large. Geometric patterns are larger and more prominent, such as blue or red with thick white lines. Bold patterns can be used on one side of the walls, while the others are left bare. Geometric patterns are also great as accent mural.

2.      Concrete Tiles


Concrete has become a common trend in wall décor ideas since 2018. Instead of a bare concrete wall, it is now available as decorative tiles. They come in dark and light tones, complementing a modern room in a subtle, elegant way.

3.      Dramatic Colors


Sheer colors are favored for walls because of their neutrality, but dramatic colors are leading in trend. Turquoise blue, forest green, warm clay, and berry red now appear frequently as wall paints.

4.      Black and White


Black and white get a fresh breath in 2019 wall décor ideas. Modern black and white designs are now more interesting, with more interpretations such as using different shades. For example, you may use “black” and “white” shades, such as ivory, cream, charcoal, and seashell white.

5.      Yellow Accents


Yellow becomes a rising color trend in 2019 because it exudes happiness and optimism. Since yellow is often too bright, many designers choose to use it as an accent color. You can use yellow wall ornaments or decorative tiles when using this bright shade.

6.      Floral Patterns


Floral patterns are coming back as wall décor ideas in 2019. Instead of small, sheer patterns, bold and realistic floral designs now dominate the interiors. However, abstract or chintz are also popular as unique alternatives.

7.      Bold Backsplash Patterns


Patterned backsplash is a way to create an eye-catching element on kitchen walls. Instead of regular tiles, choose graphic tiles with obvious patterns. Make sure to match them with the kitchen color palette.

8.      Sustainable, Handmade Decorations


People are gravitating toward more sustainable decorations, preferably handmade. Materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, and rice paper become more popular. Reclaimed wood mirror frames, for example, give a unique but humble appearance.

9.      Modern Boho Style


Modern Boho style takes the vibrant colors and patterns, mixing them with soft lines and curved décor elements. Modern Boho wall décor ideas may combine vintage ornaments with brighter color and some textures.

10.  Matte Finish


Matte surface brings a more relaxing vibe, even with bright colors. Finishing a room with matte paint will make it more subdued and elegant. Matte paint also creates a more modern and mature look, perfect to signify the new “you” in this new year.

11.  Brass Fixtures


Modern luxury means golden accents, and brass fixtures create the look instantly. Brass lamps and ornaments will improve your regular walls. Even the washed concrete look will get instantly improved with brass accents.

12.  Copper Elements


Copper is effective to create a warm mood in wall décor ideas. It has the stability and strength of metal, but its rosy brown tone gives a warm touch. Copper can come as decorative tiles or panels, lamp fixtures, and picture or mirror frames.

13.  White Shades with Color Splashes


Adding bright colors to the white background is common, but 2019 gives it a little twist. Instead of regular white, you should use white shades (eggshell or pale cream, for example). The color splashes should not be more than 10 or 20 percent, such as in paintings, decals, or furniture fabric.

14.  Combination of Several Metals


Combining several metal elements in one room, including walls, will create a strong statement. Brass mirror frames, for example, look great with nickel wall fixtures. Aged iron is great when paired with rubbed bronze. Copper can be combined with silver or pewter.

15.  Dark, Rich Paint Colors


Rich and dark colors used to be a bane for wall paints. Now, people experiment with darker shades of green, brown, red, or blue. Some even paint the room with black shades, such as charcoal. These dark colors create a moody atmosphere. Just make sure the room gets enough natural light.

16.  Jewel Colors


Jewel-inspired colors are rising in popularity this year. Emerald green, turquoise, dark teal, and indigo are great to create an elegant but colorful look. They can also appear as wall ornaments, such as paintings or wall clock.

17.  Mineral-inspired Wallpaper


Mineral patterns are starting to become wallpaper trend. Agate is particularly popular, with its asymmetrical lines and dramatic blue shades. Agate wallpaper mostly comes in cool color shades, but their rich patterns create a strong statement.

These wall décor ideas give an interesting break from neutral, minimalistic decorations. Try one of them to bring a fresh breath to your interior.

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