15 White Kitchen Cabinets for Fresh Upgrade in 2019

Upgrade your kitchen for 2019 by changing the cabinets to basic white. Despite the rise of contemporary or unusual design elements, white kitchen cabinets are also making a comeback. Incorporating classic white cabinets works well for all types of kitchen, from traditional to contemporary.

Types of White Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets come in numerous designs. There are the classic wall-and-floor cabinet combos, with straight lines and simple interfaces. Mirrored or patterned cabinets create more intricate looks in a modern kitchen. Ornate hardware, such as handles and knobs, make simple cabinets look more charming.

The surrounding decoration is also important to complement white cabinets. You can pair them with bold colors, patterns, or textures. The beauty of white cabinets is that they go with everything.

List of White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Here are 15 ideas to adorn your kitchen with white cabinets for the new year upgrade:

1.      Simple White in Scandinavian Kitchen


White cabinets in the Scandinavian kitchen create an airy, open, and modern look. They are perfect for tiny, modern kitchen that yearns for a less oppressive look.

2.      Two-Color Cabinets


White wall cabinets will look striking if the floor cabinets have contrasting colors. Dark blue, lime green, and even red are great options for a fresh look in a modern kitchen.

3.      White Cabinets with Stainless Appliances


White and stainless never get old in a modern kitchen. Classic, simple white cabinets look perfect with stainless fridge, oven, and stove underneath. Sleek, polished cabinets are the best to pair with the stainless surface.

4.      Floor Cabinets with Wall Shelves


White floor cabinets and wall shelves are great for an airy look in a kitchen. The shelves can have their own decorative elements with colorful mugs, ceramic plates, bowls, glass jars, and spice bottles.

5.      Simple and Glossy Cabinet Slates


Simple white slates with flossy surface create sleeker and “cleaner” look. This is a great option to create a modern minimalist kitchen. Try finding slated cabinets without any prominent handles or ornate hardware.

6.      Off-white Cabinets


Many white cabinets are stark white, which are great to create a modern look. However, for a more vintage or subdued look, off-white is a better choice. The overall look is a classic, farmhouse-like appearance, especially if the cabinets have a traditional design.

7.      White Cabinets in the Kitchen Island


Equip kitchen island with additional storage space by installing white cabinets. This design is perfect for a large kitchen that is often used to entertain many people. Suitable to hold regular dinner parties or brunches.

8.      Glass Cabinets with Ornate Frame Borders


White glass cabinets give more visual access to the things inside, but the frame borders can contribute in decoration. Ornate frame borders spice up the simple white cabinets, creating a more elegant look.

9.      White Cabinets with Wood Elements


All-white cabinets find their perfect match with wood elements. Wooden floor and backsplash go great with white cabinets. If there is an issue with moisture, the wooden backsplash can be replaced with vinyl or tiles that have wood-like color.

10.   White Cabinets with Mosaic Tile Backsplash


Mosaic tile becomes the perfect centerpiece of an otherwise all-white kitchen. A symmetrical arrangement of white cabinets becomes more stylish with colorful tile combinations in the middle. Look at traditional Moroccan, Mediterranean, or Mexican kitchens for mosaic tile inspirations.

11.   Vintage-style White Cabinets


Adding vintage elements will improve simple white cabinets. White subway tiles and gold hardware, for example, create the 50’s vibe. Add a colorful vintage poster or food-related artwork to spice up the room and improve the mood.

12.   Dark Walls, White Cabinets


Make white cabinets more standout with dark walls as the backgrounds. Choosing a dark, deep color for the kitchen is a new trend that creates a more sophisticated look. Don’t be afraid to use black, dark chocolate brown, maroon, or dark blue for the kitchen walls. Any white cabinets will stand out with these wall colors.

13.   White Cabinets with White Marble


Pairing white cabinets with marble creates a sophisticated, luxurious look in a modern kitchen. You can choose minimalist slated cabinets, traditional molded cabinets, or glass cabinets for this combination. The marble may appear as the backsplash and countertop.

14.   White Cabinets with Rustic Stone


The opposite of sleek marble is a rustic stone element, and you can pair it with white cabinets. Use stone tiles as backsplash or wall accent near the white cabinets. The classic red bricks are also perfect to pair with white cabinets.

15.   White Cabinets and Potted Greens


White cabinets become the perfect background for potted greens. The greens are perfect to create a “fresh” look in the kitchen, even with the simplest design. The plants may be placed on open shelves or on top of floor cabinets. You can choose any plants you like, but fresh herb pots are the most suitable for a kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets

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White kitchen cabinets are versatile, which make them timeless and perfect for any kitchen designs. Try one of these ideas to refurbish your kitchen, and create a new, fresh look with them.

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